It’’s in our human nature to desire freedom. However, today, instead of protecting these freedoms, our government has stifled them.

In seeking freedom for our inalienable rights, we have to fight with our minds and with alternative methods, because conventional approaches are no longer an option. Those doors closed long ago. So we have to seek freedom through rogue methods.

Through The Bauman Letter, together, we will be seeking ways to gain – and keep – your wealth. We’’ll be exploring opportunities, both domestic and offshore, to grow your capital – with investment opportunities and by fighting back against rip-offs, monopolies, and unfair rules and regulations.

Thanks to modern technology, from the comfort of your living room, Ted Bauman will walk you through ways to take control of your personal finances, secure your retirement and health care, ensure Big Brother and Big Business aren’’t ripping you off and protect your privacy. He’’ll show you how to take advantage of all the little-known tips and tricks that can enhance your personal and financial freedom – from hacking your credit file to maximizing your Social Security benefits.

In addition to these domestic strategies, Ted will cover offshore options, including expatriation, real estate, overseas metal storage and offshore banking. After all, with the direction the country is taking, these are becoming more common goals for Americans each year.

You see, this is what being sovereign is all about: achieving rogue freedom and bold prosperity. And yes … you can still do that, even in today’’s America.

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  • The Bauman Letter monthly newsletter – Each 16-page issue is broken up into six sections. The first section is always written by Ted Bauman. The second section, called “Forbidden Knowledge,” is written by a member of the Council of Experts. The third section, called “Unfiltered Insider,” is written by another member of the Council of Experts. Bob Bauman, Ted’s father and the founder of this service, still writes the fourth section, titled “Chairman’s Corner.” The next section, called “Your Voice,” features questions and comments from you, our subscribers. Lastly, Ted will wrap up each issue in the “Final Thoughts” section.
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  • 3 Global Protection Strategies for Less Than $3,000
  • 3 Simple Steps for Privacy in the Digital Age
  • Blueprint to Offshore Banking: Unlock a World of Sovereignty
  • Keeping Your Nest Egg Safe
  • Legally Keep What’s Yours
  • Protect Your Most Valuable Assets
  • Safety in a Small Slice of Mediterranean Paradise
  • Save Your Wealth From the National Tax Grab
  • The One Haven That U.S. Lawyers Couldn’t Blackmail, Bully or Break
  • South America’s Best Kept Secret


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