Whether you’re interested in stocks or options, American Investor Alliance has something to suit your unique trading style.

American Investor Alliance is a membership designed for my most exclusive group of readers.

From time to time, you’ll also get to test-drive new services that my team and I come out with in the future — well before anyone else ever sees them.

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  • “I am up 94.7%. I appreciate these recommendations, but what I really like is the ‘why’ behind them. I look forward to your work because your process makes sense and is laid out logically. I really like the idea of buying companies that I can understand and believe in — not just the tip of the day. Keep up the great work.”
  • “You have done it once again!! You are reminding me of the GREAT Joe DiMaggio with your consistent hitting. You have knocked this one out of the park!! I have a STOCKPILE account made up almost completely of Banyan Hill recommendations, and it is up almost 25%!! Please, will you and the rest of the GREAT Banyan staff keep up the good work.”
  • “Thanks for all the help you have given me … I have turned $50 into just under $500,000 using you and one other investment on my own — Tesla. I’m spending the day reflecting on how this first-generation immigrant gets to be so lucky living in this amazing country.”
  • “Great comfort investing with a PROVEN system based on actual historic performance as well as the TIMELY and simple action instructions for trades. In addition, love the straightforward and honest report on the status of our trades and the market generally, and most of all the follow-up after a trade has been announced that may not have closed. You stay with us and always have our backs protected.” 

Clearly, there are untold fortunes to be made in the market — as long as you know where to look. As a member of American Investor Alliance, my team and I will guide you toward identifying these fantastic returns.

We’re in for a fast, profitable ride, and I can’t wait for you to get started.

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