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You’ve made an excellent decision. By subscribing to our premium content, you’ve joined an elite group of investors and entrepreneurs who are charting a new and more profitable path to wealth building. We’re confident that having our expert research at your fingertips will revolutionize the way you make — and keep — your money. Simply scroll below to access your subscriptions and to discover what each of our services has to offer.

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Premium Content

If you like our free daily content, you will absolutely love our premium services. We publish a variety of research services aimed to meet your financial goals for both growth and protection. Below is a full list of the services we offer.

Our Other Research Services

Profits Unlimited

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Profits Unlimited is Paul Mampilly’s flagship publication focusing on mega trends – Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, new energy, precision medicine and more. We use our six-point GoingUpness criteria to target stocks.

Total Wealth Insider

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It’s tough to make sense of investing. That’s why Jeff Yastine created Total Wealth Insider, to teach readers to build wealth. He finds the best stocks, pinpointing gains before Wall Street finds out.

The Bauman Letter

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Ted Bauman finds winning stocks based on the BOLD system, an acronym for Big Vision, Open for Takeoff, Logical Move and Distinct Catalyst. The Bauman Letter delivers this and more — with no bull and no hype.

Automatic Fortunes

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Automatic Fortunes is a monthly newsletter service that focuses on tipping-point trends and Ian’s four-step strategy. These are massive developments that are set to trigger a technological revolution.

Real Wealth Strategist

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Most investors overlook the potential of natural resources. But the sector turned a $1,000 investment into $31,130 in one trade. With Real Wealth Strategist, make the kinds of profits many investors dream about.

Alpha Investor

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In Alpha Investor, Charles Mizrahi shows readers how to find undervalued stocks that Wall Street's foolishly ignoring. He does this using his Alpha-3 Approach, which he's spent nearly four decades creating.

Our Premium Research Services

Pure Income

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People are using the Pure Income strategy to double their investment accounts in less than year. This is not some high-risk, speculative strategy either. Chad’s No. 1 priority is safety making this one of the best, safest and most profitable investment services we offer.

Peak Velocity Trader

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Peak Velocity uses a custom designed indicator to profit from momentum shifts. Using the secret strategy behind “velocity trades” is an unconventional way to make life-changing profits, quickly and consistently.

Inner Circle

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This exclusive Inner Circle offer from Paul Mampilly has something to suit every unique trading style. Subscribers receive full access to all of services offered by Paul and his team. This level of VIP membership never expires.

Alpha Stock Alert

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Alpha Stock Alert uses a 3-point strategy to deliver market-beating gains. Ted Bauman looks at the hottest sectors, then he finds the best companies within that sector, then technical triggers pinpoint when to buy.

Rebound Profit Trader

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Rebound Profit Trader looks to profit from buying into options on stocks that have fallen due to excessive panic. The markets can be very irrational, and this makes for great opportunities to buy low and sell high.

Extreme Fortunes

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In Extreme Fortunes, we seek disruptors — innovators in within mega trends. Most times, they are young technology companies. Paul recommends small-cap stocks set for explosive growth. These stocks are volatile, but have the potential for 1,000% gains.

Automatic Profits Alert

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In Automatic Profits Alert, Chad Shoop recommends stocks and ETFs that should be held for a relatively short term. The best part? It requires very little work on your part! He tells you when you buy and when to sell.


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Discover the closely-guarded secrets of the ultra-rich. Ted Bauman’s 10X Project is designed to show everyday people how to grab 10 times the wealth in the months and years ahead.

10 Million Portfolio

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The $10 Million Portfolio looks for long-term investments in hidden markets and technologies. We evaluate undiscovered stocks that have enormous upside. It covers a diverse range of recommendations from domestic and foreign stocks, trusts and speculative options.

Ian King's Small Cap Alert

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Ian King’s Small Cap Alert uses an unconventional investment strategy to find exponential trends. Leading those trends are small-cap companies that have the potential to be the next Netflixes and Amazons.

Quick Hit Profits

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Quick Hit Profits takes the guesswork out of predicting when a stock will move in the wake of an earnings announcement. Chad Shoop has developed a trading system and earnings season calendar that allows readers to capitalize on these market cycles.

IPO Speculator

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IPO Speculator tracks companies that have recently gone or are about to go public. We evaluate these companies using 26 metrics to tell us whether a company entering the exchange can flourish and bring us fast profits.

Rapid Profit Trader

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Rapid Profit Trader offers option recommendations based on the stocks’ momentum. The return potential for options is much higher than stocks, but with higher reward comes higher risk. Our goal is to capture gains as quickly as possible.

Crypto Profit Trader

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Crypto Profit Trader is an investment advisory that pinpoints winning crypto trends with a unique, three-part trading strategy. Ian King also updates you on the latest news and research in the crypto world.

Front Line Profits

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In Front Line Profits, Matt Badiali recommends small-cap stocks that are set to surge. These kinds of investments helped grow his parents’ wealth and will help grow yours. They have the potential to jump 1,000%!

Matt Badiali’s Inner Circle

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Members of Matt Badiali’s Inner Circle receive access to every single piece of data, every research article and every single trade that Matt and his team of analysts offer, from every service. Subscribe to this exclusive membership for more gains.

Total Wealth Fellowship

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This exclusive package is the highest VIP membership available on Banyan Hill. As an elite member you get access to of Banyan Hill’s expansive offerings from each and every guru.

One Trade

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Michael Carr uses his decades of experience as a trading system designer to deliver a strategy that beats the market, pinpointing options on the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF Trust (DIA) with the highest probability of delivering gains every week.

Profit Line

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Brian Christopher and Jeff Yastine have a strategy that allows them to follow insiders into their next gain. Profit Line gives you access to Jeff’s investor expertise, as well as Brian’s know-how on elite insiders.

100X Club

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Market manipulation is one of the greatest challenges of stock investing. That’s why Paul Mampilly created 100X Club, which gives Main Street investors the upper hand by focusing on tiny microcaps with 10,000%-gain potential that are relatively untouchable to Wall Street’s biggest investors. In 100X Club, Paul uses 20 key characteristics to identify stocks with the potential to surge 100-fold.

Precision Profits

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Precision Profits capitalizes on time-tested seasonal trends. By pinpointing winning “profit windows” this strategy can average over 1,000% in winning trades every year, potentially turning every $10,000 into a $100,000 windfall.

8-Figure Fortunes

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In 8-Figure Fortunes, Charles Mizrahi shows his readers how to target special-situation stocks that could return gains of 100%, 500% and even 1,000% or more ... sometimes in as little as 12 to 18 months.

Apex Profit Alert

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Using options, Apex Profit Alert aims to capitalize on the stock market’s most predictable sector — natural resources — via a proprietary indicator that pinpoints buying windows as business and behavioral cycles shift.

Flow Matrix Alert

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Flow Matrix Alert is a service that lets you grab gains as quickly as possible. Momentum investing generates higher returns than the market. Jeff Yastine and Brian Christopher have a system to take advantage of it.

True Momentum

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True Momentum focuses on companies with a market value of $3 billion or higher about to enter the first wave of growth. Paul looks for businesses that are developed, worked out their business model and defined their technology.

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