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If you like our free daily content, you will absolutely love our premium services. We publish a variety of research services aimed to meet your financial goals for both growth and protection. We give you the chance to tap into the minds of our esteemed experts and look over their shoulders, adopting the same strategies they’ve used to grow and protect their own wealth. We’ll reveal opportunities very few people even know exist, and that’s exactly what makes them so profitable. Our experts have helped millions take control of their financial destiny. We hope we can help you too. Below is a full list of the services we offer.

Our Research Services

Charles Mizrahi
Alpha Investor

Charles Mizrahi was named the #1 investor on Wall Street by Barron’s before he walked away to help Main Street Americans. In Alpha Investor he recommends investing in companies with strong financials, powerhouse CEOs, in growing industries, with the potential to grow your money year after year.

Ian King
Strategic Fortunes

Ian King is an expert at uncovering tipping-point trends before they are set to take off — and make investors life-changing money. Like 735% on Tesla in one year and 780% on SunPower in seven months — real gains followers of Strategic Fortunes had the chance to make by following Ian’s recommendations.

Our Elite Research Services

Ian King
With the help of AI, Ian King’s Sigma 180 strategy took a 40-year-old market timing indicator that used by top Wall Street investors for decades and modernized it for today’s market. By identifying companies with 15% sales growth over the last three years — a decade of back-tested analysis proved this strategy could beat the S&P 500 by 10-to-1.
Charles Mizrahi
American Investor Alliance

Members of American Investor Alliance get access to Charles Mizrahi’s top research services! From time to time, you’ll also get to test-drive new services that Charles and his team come out with — well before anyone else ever sees them.

Aaron James
Total Wealth Fellowship

This exclusive package is the highest VIP membership available on Banyan Hill. As an elite member you get access to of Banyan Hill’s expansive offerings from each and every guru.

Charles Mizrahi
8-Figure Fortunes

Charles Mizrahi was named the #1 investor on Wall Street by Barron’s before he walked away to help Main Street Americans. In 8-Figure Fortunes he recommends investing in companies that participate in markets with long runways of growth, are run by great CEOs and have stocks mispriced by Wall Street. Then, he looks to see if there are any extra catalysts surrounding it that could make its stock soar into the stratosphere.

Ian King
Extreme Fortunes

Ian King’s #1 goal in Extreme Fortunes is to help you invest in solid, tech-focused companies that are positioned to soar by 500%, 1,000% — or more. And he does just that by focusing on small-cap stocks that have enormous potential. To find these small, dynamic companies, he hones in on three key phases of an exclusive strategy — all with the goal to bring readers big gains.

Charles Mizrahi
Microcap Fortunes

Charles Mizrahi was named the #1 investor on Wall Street by Barron’s before he walked away to help Main Street Americans. In Microcap Fortunes, Charles recommends “Super Stocks” — microcap stocks that have the potential for massive returns. Our Super Stocks must be public companies with SEC registered securities, be in a growing industry with growing revenue and have a CEO with experience and skin in the game.

Ian King
True Momentum

In True Momentum, you’ll learn how to weather any bear market crisis to potentially come out as much as 8X richer in the year following — and double, even triple — your money in a bull market. That’s because Ian King has pinpointed a pattern that shows stocks that have made triple-digit gains, in less than a year, following every major stock market crisis of the last 30 years.

Ian King
Next Wave Crypto Fortunes

Did you know that cryptocurrency now contains over 1,500 projects that can be traded on exchanges all over the world? Ian King is here to help you navigate these choppy waters and provide the necessary tools to thrive in this brave new world of cryptos. Ian is an expert at crypto — and making phenomenal gains for subscribers. Like 11,000% on one coin over the course of a year! That’s a real gain subscribers had a chance to make.

Charles Mizrahi
Profit Accelerator
In Profit Accelerator, Charles Mizrahi leverages his background as a top quantitative trader to bring you a first-of-its-kind momentum trading system. Each month, his proprietary MQ System analyzes 6,000 stocks to identify the 10 with the smoothest momentum most likely to deliver rapid returns. Rigorous backtesting shows it could have turned $10K into over $360K over 20 years.