As I write this, I’m winging my way back from our recent Total Wealth Symposium (TWS) in Las Vegas.

I’ve left the dusty, dry landscape of the Southwest behind. And I just flew over the circular greenery of irrigated farms, looking like mysterious alien crop circles from above.

Out the window I can see the patchwork fields, fracking operations and oil rigs of the Texas Panhandle east of Amarillo. Gargantuan wind-powered generators tower above many of them, ready for the day when the oil runs out.

So much economic activity … and opportunities for profitable investment!

My colleagues and I spoke about many of the U.S. companies driving all of this in Las Vegas … and how you can profit from them, too.

But interspersed with that was a theme that’s been part of my own writing in the Bauman Letter for many years. And based on the many conversations I had with TWS attendees, I realized it’s one I should write about more often.

After all, the wider world is full of opportunities for profit.

3 Offshore Opportunities You Don’t Want to Miss

In military strategy, generals prefer to concentrate their forces. But the opposite is true in investing.

There, diversification is key. And the most overlooked form of diversification is geographical.

It’s one you should be considering … especially as we inch toward the inevitable end of the U.S. bull market.

At TWS, I spoke about three offshore opportunities. They proved fascinating to many attendees … so today I want to share them with you.

Switzerland Redux

Ten years ago, many Americans thought Switzerland was off-limits. Now that situation has been turned on its head.

At TWS I interviewed Jamie Vrijhof-Droese, of the Zürich-based firm Weber, Hoffmann, Vrijhof & Partners (WHVP). She’s just finished a new book with my father, Bob Bauman, about the unique opportunities her country offers to Americans who want to diversify their portfolios geographically … and by currency.

You can watch the interview by clicking on the video below:

When the IRS cracked down on tax-evading offshore bank accounts in the mid-2000s, Swiss banks basically stopped accepting U.S. clients. Except for the few banks who had sensibly chosen to work via independent investment advisers like Jamie’s firm.

WHVP is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and handles tax reporting for its U.S. clients.

That special capacity allows WHVP to open brokerage accounts for U.S. clients at Swiss and Austrian banks. Using power of attorney, they then invest the client’s money in the best assets available in Europe. These include stocks, bonds, currencies … and even precious metals, which can be stored in Switzerland.

As I’ve written before, there’s no better way to diversify you core portfolio … so be sure to check out the video!

Glittering Gold Under the Southern Cross

Also at TWS, I caught up with my good friend John Mulvey of New Zealand Vault.

I’ve written before about his excellent offshore storage facility and precious metals company based in Wellington. (Seeing John also gave me a chance to gloat about the South African Springboks’ rugby victory over New Zealand’s All Blacks the week before.)

John’s company is unique in several ways.

It’s in one of the safest and most popular offshore destinations in the world. It can arrange for both acquisition and storage of precious metals. And it can do all of it without requiring that you travel to New Zealand (even though it’s one of the most incomparably beautiful places on Earth).

Everyone should own some physical gold. And keeping it outside the U.S. is one of the ultimate forms of wealth protection. New Zealand Vault is one of the best opportunities I know to do just that.

The Ultimate Sure Thing in Uruguay

Finally, I offered a few minutes at the end of my first TWS presentation for my pals Juan Fischer and Sancho Pardo Santayana, who specialize in facilitating foreign investment in Uruguay’s unique farming and real estate markets.

The response from TWS attendees was overwhelming. Dozens signed up to attend their upcoming Uruguay Investment Tour in late November, where I’m the keynote speaker.

The tour involves on-site visits to Uruguayan residential property and farmland, which is the world’s richest … and by far the best value for your money.

Given the word’s booming population, investing in quality farmland is the ultimate sure thing … and like storing gold in New Zealand, it can be done remotely, thanks to my contacts in Uruguay!

Go Offshore to Diversify

With a booming U.S. stock market, it’s easy to miss some of the great opportunities outside the country.

But with U.S. markets facing an uncertain future, it’s critical to explore the safety and reliability of assets in countries with a proven track record of stability as well as growth.

So visit the links above … and check out the Bauman Letter Elite, which contains all the archived reports I’ve written about these and other offshore opportunities.

Kind regards,

In military strategy, generals prefer to concentrate their forces. But the opposite is true in investing. There, diversification is key.

Ted Bauman

Editor, The Bauman Letter