The Needle Is Moving on This Commodity

The price of uranium went up 17% in 2017. That’s the first time that needle has moved in years. So, I’d say our odds are better than average that we are near the bottom of uranium’s current cycle.

My first experience with uranium came at a project in remote northeastern Canada.

It was the kind of place where the entire camp was surrounded by barbed wire. That was to keep the bears from slicing open our tents like Ziploc bags at night and devouring us all.

In the daytime, I accompanied a couple geologists hither and yon in the surrounding countryside as they tried to show me why their uranium project was THE BEST EVAH.

The area was pretty bleak. A vast wilderness of rock outcroppings and rolling hills, with enough trees for bears to hide in (presumably).

I came across a blueberry bush. It was near lunch. I was hungry. So, I got a bright idea.

I grabbed the blueberries off the bush. And I was about to eat them when the geologist — who was as crusty as any of the lichen-covered rocks around us — slapped my hand, sending the blueberries flying.

“Don’t eat that, you fool!” he growled.

“Why not? They’re blueberries.”

“They’re radioactive!”

He activated his scintillometer — a device that replaced the Geiger counters you see in 1950s monster movies a long time ago — and waved it over the bush. The needles moved hard and fast. Radioactive as hell.

Uranium Got Crushed

That was at the start of the last great uranium rush. It lasted for years. And it made my Weiss subscribers a whole heck of a lot of money.

Then a couple things happened. Oversupply was the biggest problem, as one new mine after another came online.

Then, in 2011, the earthquake and tsunami in Fukushima, Japan, sent three reactors into meltdown. That put a glow-in-the-dark nail in uranium’s coffin.

For a while. A very long while.

The real crush came in the last two years, when the price was cut in half. The spot price of uranium hit a 13-year low of $18.60 in 2016. It bounced … a little … but kept scraping bottom.

Then, in 2017, three things happened.

  • Then, Cameco, the biggest producing company in the West, said it would suspend production at its McArthur River mine in Saskatchewan for 10 months. That’s approximately 10.5 million pounds of uranium, or 4,762 metric tons. And the suspension could go longer.


And that’s why last month, I recommended that subscribers to my new Wealth Supercycle newsletter start investing in this sector.

The specifics of what I recommended is between me and them. But something else interesting happened. The price of uranium has finally started to go higher.

In fact, as this chart from Bloomberg shows, the price of uranium went up 17% in 2017. That’s the first time that needle has moved in years.


That’s only the third time uranium prices have gone higher in the past decade. It’s also the biggest gain in the past seven years.

And you know what else? Prices are still 67% below the 2011 peak.

So, I’d say our odds are better than average that we are buying near the bottom of uranium’s current cycle.

Supercycles and Mega Trends

Wealth Supercycle is all about big cycles. Mega trends. The massive movements of money that ebb and flow around the world … and that can make investors who ride them filthy rich.

Sure, there will be bears sniffing around. Just like in any market … or mining camp. But in a supercycle, the bears get chased out of camp pretty quickly.

Your timing doesn’t have to be great when you’re buying a supercycle or mega trend. You just have to get on board and brace for a wild, potentially very profitable ride.

That’s what we’re doing. Heck, uranium is also part of the story.

Just last month, in Wealth Supercycle, I gave subscribers picks in other energy metals, gold, robotics, electronic currencies and cannabis. And there are plenty more to come.

If you care to join us at Wealth Supercycle, click here.

The big trends are out there, my friends. Waiting for investors to reach out, grab ‘em and hold on.

Best wishes to you in 2018. May you find the fortunes that are waiting for you. And may all your bears be rugs.

All the best,

Sean Brodrick



Sean Brodrick

Editor, Wealth Supercycle


Sean – What happened to the ‘deep’ correction, forecast first for OCT – then for DEC? What are the cycle charts showing now AND where are they- my RWReport letter did NOT come.

I’ve waited as instructed to ‘back up the truck’. YOU are the cycle guy who took over for Larry, whom I followed him for over a decade as he used cycles SO accurately. My current subscription has over a year till it expires and now I’m told it will be phased out instead to Matt (whom I have also followed, where ever he worked). He knows commodities cycles generally BUT can’t fill Larry’s shoes or even yours, no offense intended.

This is the WORST time for me to be changing horses to Banyan Hill for gold cycle information!! HELP! Somebody tell me what is going on at this crucial time for precious metals!


Be careful of these so-called silver and gold super cycles. The pattern I’ve noticed is that gold and silver generally trade in a pretty tight range. Then a lot of people climb on the bandwagon—back up the truck, and all that—the price roughly doubles—and then the price falls all the way back down. Unless you hit it just right—it’s all a good way to lose a good deal of money. In theory I agree that gold and silver are real money. Unfortunately that’s why the masonic Powers That Be keep it tightly under control. The masonic banksters also flood the market with fake gold and silver—paper gold and paper silver to dilute the price of real gold and silver. By all means buy a little bit of gold and silver—but backing up the truck probably isn’t a great idea—the banksters have gone to great lengths to essentially de-monetize the metals for all practical purposes. The precious metals sellers are are always pushing the US dollar apocalypse. It may happen one of these days—but the banksters are the ones that control the price of gold and silver. They aren’t going to allow precious metals to save day for the common folk. Again the banksters will flood the market with paper gold and silver to make the price sink back down.

One of the reasons there is so much enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies is because it is considered a reasonable way to circumvent the bankster thugs—well it may turn out to be a scam one of these days—but, regardless, the goal of these new currencies is to lose the financial middlemen…

I am also concerned,,i followed Larry for years and he always said that GOLD could never be manipulated

because it was so big,,,,now you are saying it is,,,a little confused to say the least,,I think i would like my subscription to Wealth Supercycle refunded please,,,,Earle White



under the heading:

Market Manipulation

I’ll quote some of it here…

“The gold and silver spot prices are highly manipulated by the trading of “paper metals.” Paper metals are any instrument that is not physical metals, such as options, futures contracts, exchange-traded funds or even precious metals “accounts” which hold gold and silver for their clients. (Most precious metals accounts hold futures, not physical metals.)

Paper metals increase the amount of silver derivatives while diluting the amount of demand for gold and silver, ultimately depressing prices.”


I personally like physical gold and silver—because these metals can be held in your hand—they don’t represent some obscure abstraction of wealth.

The problem is they end up getting pumped (up)and dumped (onto the market), which lowers the price.

Paper gold and silver have turned the market into a scam.

Of course anything attached to money is easy to characterize as a scam.

Take some time to study cryptocurrencies. Read what the smartest people say are the hardest ones to hack are and see if anything appeals to you.

IF you want to make money, the stock market still appears to have quite a bit of room to grow. I don’t think stocks are being pumped up with trickery. I think mobile technology has made markets more efficient and connected. That’s my best guess, anyway.

Look at companies like Best Buy, Constellation Brands, Adobe, Texas Instruments, Nvidia, and United Health Group. These companies have been growing roughly 20 percent annually for several years in a row now. There’s probably at least another year or two of this type of growth ahead.

Look for companies that have a high Return On Invested Capital and low debt.

Good luck!

Actually, Larry often talked about the gold market being pushed around. For example, here he is writing in 2016: “I’m sick and tired of all the gimmickry and shenanigans that go on in the precious metals markets. They cost the average investor billions in untold losses. They steer them the wrong way, like sheep to a slaughterhouse, which is a big part of what Wall Street really is.”

Dear Sean,

What happened to the Gold Mining Millionaire Service?

Access to the site is no longer possible. Is it still under your supervision together with Mike Burnick?

No message from Mr Weiss regarding transfer of this service.

Kind regards,


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