There’s a tiny biotech company out there on a mission to solve one of the most widespread and deadly problems in the world: inflammation.

While inflammation is meant to play a part in the healing process of the body, it’s also linked to a whole host of diseases, which result in millions of cases around the world every year.

One of these diseases is sepsis, which affects over 1 million people per year in the U.S. alone, killing over 250,000. And according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 3 patients that die in a hospital have sepsis.

It’s safe to say that there’s overwhelming demand for a treatment. Millions of lives would be saved if there was a way to safely reduce the harmful effects of inflammation, primarily in patients who are in intensive care or undergoing open-heart surgery.

And now, this biotech company may have found the cure. In fact, it’s well on its way to receiving approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

The $20 Billion Opportunity

When an area of the body becomes injured or infected, your body’s natural reaction is to temporarily inflame that area and bring it nutrients and oxygen. But sometimes, your immune system will overreact and send a huge excess of inflammatory mediators.

The primary type of mediator in this situation is called a cytokine, and it’s meant to help the body heal. But when the body sends too many of these, the result is called a cytokine storm, and it can become a serious problem.

Cytokines are highly toxic to the body, and they can cause a chain of events to happen that may result in cell death and organ failure.

However, a small company has developed the first way to effectively reduce and eliminate excess cytokines.

By essentially injecting a patient with tiny polymer sponges that “soak up” cytokines, the patient can be treated for life-threatening problems such as sepsis, severe burns, liver failure and pancreatitis. Overall, it’s an extremely versatile treatment.

This product is beginning to gain traction in Europe. It was approved by the EU in 2011, and it is now being distributed to 44 countries around the world.

So far, it has been used to treat more than 27,000 patients, including over 6,000 in cardiac surgery.

But that doesn’t even scratch the surface of its potential. The company that makes this product estimates it as being a $20 billion opportunity once more widespread use is achieved.

Extreme Potential

This company is CytoSorbents Corp. (Nasdaq: CTSO), and its product CytoSorb is the only approved treatment of its kind.

Over the past year, CytoSorbents has brought in $13.6 million in revenue, which is up almost 70% from the prior 12 months. And that number is expected to continue to grow at a high rate: up to $240 million by 2023. That’s a 60% per year increase.

And with potential deals throughout Europe, and the possibility of U.S. approval, that number could end up being a lot higher.

CytoSorb has recently been granted approval by the Food and Drug Administration to begin a key study. This research will be a determining factor for whether or not CytoSorb can be used for open-heart surgery in the U.S.

CytoSorbents already has multiple partnerships with pharma giants in the United States: companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Amgen and Celgene. These partnerships are extremely important for giving a tiny company like CytoSorbents the name recognition it needs.

So, overall, CytoSorbents has extreme potential because of CytoSorb’s wide variety of uses.

Watch for the company to continue to form new partnerships, make new deals around the world … and blow past its sales expectations.


Ian Dyer

Internal Analyst, Banyan Hill Publishing

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