Ian King has been called the “King of Cryptos” … and for good reason.

Subscribers of Ian’s Next Wave Crypto Fortunes service sold Chainlink for a 272% gain in seven months…

They made a 1,061% gain in just nine months from selling Binance…

And earlier this month, they sold half of their position in one crypto for a 3,981% gain in just three months!

These massive profits are incredible. But they’re just the beginning of the next wave of crypto profits.

Fortunately, Ian took some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few of my questions about the fast-paced crypto market.

A Short Interview With Ian King

Jay: Thanks for joining us today, Ian!

Ian: No problem, Jay!

Jay: So, how did you get started with cryptocurrencies?

Ian: I was an early investor in bitcoin all the way back in 2013 — years before most people had even heard the word cryptocurrency.

I got into it right around $100. And one of the few regrets of my professional life is that I got out early and didn’t catch the ride all the way to $20,000 in 2017.

If I had, that would’ve been a gain of 19,900% in just five years.

Jay: I see. Obviously, bitcoin has roared back over the past few months and is now past the $50,000 mark. But are there any opportunities in the crypto space besides bitcoin that investors should pay attention to?

Ian: Definitely! In the last big crypto bull market, we saw peak gains of 466,900% in Ethereum in three years … 599,900% in NEO in two years … and even a whopping 1,400,000% in NXT over four years.

So, while bitcoin is the world’s largest cryptocurrency, there are many other crypto opportunities out there with huge profit potential.

There are also now industry-specific coins that are seeing a surge in prices. That includes financial services, health care, agriculture and more.

In total, there are 36 different industries today that have their own cryptocurrencies.

Jay: Wow! I didn’t know that.

For the next question, we all know that the crypto markets have moved a lot lately, and rallies or drops of 20% or more are common.

So, how do investors know when it’s the right time to buy or sell cryptos?

Ian: You’re right that it’s tough to catch the exact lows and the exact highs, especially since the crypto market can move so far, so fast.

But the amazing thing is that even if you had missed out on the lion’s share of the profits and only made one-tenth of the gains I just mentioned, you’re still talking potentially life-changing money.

Jay: That makes sense.

Lastly, what’s one big trend in the crypto space that you think should be getting more attention?

Ian: Remember back in the day when you first discovered how easy it was to get money from an ATM? Well, the same thing is happening with cryptocurrencies.

There are over 7,000 cryptocurrency ATMs around the world today, and that number is growing at the rate of 12 new ones every day.

None of these ATMs existed a few years ago — but they’re a sure sign of things to come.

Trading cryptocurrencies could soon become an everyday occurrence, like going to the ATM to get cash.

Jay: Thanks for giving us a moment of your time, Ian! Your insights on the crypto market are always helpful.

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Jay Goldberg

Assistant Managing Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing