The energy industry knows renewables are its future.

That’s why fossil fuel companies aren’t investing in new capacity despite recent spikes in the price of their products.

But the sudden spike in fossil fuel consumption this year — the second largest in recorded history — is a warning of things to come if our politicians don’t get their act together.

The transition from fossil fuels to renewables must be managed … and if it isn’t, we’re in for a rocky ride. But in this video, I reveal a subset of new energy economy companies that are already making the transition … and making money and paying out dividends hand over fist in the process.

Fight the “Energy Crunch”

In a past Bauman Daily article, Clint Lee emphasized that our energy future is renewables.

Without it, our future world would be less inhabitable — that alone is a good reason to side with it.

Yet as we’ve seen, short-term political resistance to change — like the Democrats’ current budget mess — is constantly getting in the way.

The market has already chosen sides because renewable energy is the cheapest source. But until the government gets on board, we’re going to see more energy crises like the one we’re in now.

In the meantime, put your money with proven renewable energy winners!

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