Germany and China join the economic stimulus bandwagon, and Wall Street loves it.

It’s All About the Stimulus, Baby

So, the dog ate my homework, my car wouldn’t start and the internet is down.

Great Stuff is on hiatus today. I have to go see a man about a cat.

OK, that wasn’t serious … or was it?

Regardless, I have an important family matter that I have to take care of today. My apologies, but it’s important enough that I need to step away for the day.

In the meantime, here are a few quick takeaways from today’s market:

  1. Das ist stimulating! The market is rallying as Germany and China join the growing number of central banks considering economic stimulus. German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said Germany is ready to inject $55 billion into the economy if necessary. China, meanwhile, is considering key interest rate reform aimed at lowering rates.
  2. Weibo wobbles, but it won’t fall down. Chinese social media company Weibo Corp. (Nasdaq: WB) is red hot after beating earnings and revenue expectations. Chinese stocks are underloved due to the U.S.-China trade war, but companies such as Weibo continue to prove that they’re holding up just fine. This is one to keep on your radar.
  3. It puts the lotion on its skin. Skincare is a big business, especially in Asia. Estée Lauder Companies Inc. (NYSE: EL) has tapped into the Asian market in a big way, and it shows in the company’s quarterly report. Asian-Pacific revenue soared 18% in the most recent quarter, helping push Estée Lauder to an earnings beat this morning. The company also lifted full-year sales guidance above the consensus estimate. Now that’s pretty.

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Joseph Hargett

Great Stuff Managing Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing