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Clint Lee
Flashpoint Fortunes

Flashpoint Fortunes

I have spent over a decade developing and deploying quantitative investing strategies.

I’ve constructed models to identify high-risk stock markets, pinpoint opportunities in international markets, pick sectors and select stocks.

Now I’m pulling back the curtain on the mysterious world of quant funds — those funds run by advanced computer algorithms — to show you how you can tap into secrets of their “proprietary” trading systems to make a fortune.

I’ve developed a strategy that pinpoints exactly which stock metrics major quant funds are about to favor.

I then identify the stocks that are about to experience huge price movements before the $1.5 trillion quant-trading market moves them … that’s the “flashpoint.” And that’s our sign to get into a trade for potentially quick-fire triple-digit gains.

It’s almost as if we’re legally “front-running” the big money … and it’s just as much fun.

Even better? This system works in any market condition — up, down or flat — but it really shines when things get volatile … like the conditions we’re in right now.

With that said, here’s everything you’ll get with your subscription:

  • Weekly Updates: Each week, I’ll send you a video update on any open positions in the service, an overview of the market, a heads-up on what trades I’m watching and/or answers to your general questions.
  • Regular Trade Alerts: Whenever it’s time to add a new position or sell an existing one, I’ll send you a trade alert right away. And just to make sure that you get these alerts on time, you can sign up to receive a special text message when we make them.
  • Real-Time Access to the Model Portfolio: This model portfolio is your wealth-building meter — it will give you a constant, up-to-date tally of how much the portfolio has grown from the day the service went live to the present moment.
  • Direct Support From a Dedicated Customer Service Team: We have a dedicated, “top of the line” customer service team here to answer any questions you may have about your subscription. You can reach them here.

Best regards,

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Clint Lee
Editor, Flashpoint Fortunes

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