Sydney Gallagher is a retired woman in her 60s.

Prior to a couple years ago, she didn’t know the first thing about investing in the stock market beyond the few options in her 401(k) retirement program. But, she was tired of her financial advisors failing to make money or worse, losing it.

So, in 2017 she decided to do something radical.

She took a small portion of her retirement savings and started investing it on her own.

“I was successful a little, lost a little, got scared, got braver and ended up in about a year’s time making $45,000 on my initial $85,000,” she said.

“My investment firm made $41,000 in the same time frame. They had $1M. I had $85K. I wanted to transfer it all but they begged and pleaded with my sympathetic old ladies heart. So we split it, half and half, to see who could do the best in 3 months time. I made $19K and they made $2K. I pulled the rest out and I’m up $170K in 3 months.”

Essentially, Sydney made $45,000 off her original investment of $85,000, or a 53% gain. Meanwhile, her financial advisors made $41,000 with $1 million at work, or just 4%.

So, how was she able to make roughly the same amount of money as the pros using less than one-tenth of the capital?

It turns out, she wasn’t working on her own so much as she was following the research of a renegade hedge fund manager by the name of Paul .

Wall Street Legend Turns Main Street Ambassador

Paul’s meteoric rise in the financial industry is the stuff of legend. Within two years of arriving at Banker’s Trust (now Deutsche Bank) in the early ‘90s, he was promoted to assistant portfolio manager, then again to portfolio manager, managing multimillion accounts. He eventually settled at a $1 billion hedge fund in the mid-2000s. By 2011, his hedge fund had reached $6 billion in assets.

He’s perhaps best known for taking part in a high-stakes investment competition in 2008 — during the height of the financial crisis — where he was given a $50 million portfolio and asked to “see what he could do with it.”

A lot of investors took part in the competition, and while most of the competitors either made a little, or worse, lost money, Paul turned his $50 million account into $88 million — a 76% return during one of the worst years for stocks on record.

But for the last few years, Paul has been on a new mission entirely.

Rather than continuing to make money for the top 1%, Paul gave up his million-dollar paydays and began sharing his research and stock recommendations with Main Street Americans.

And Sydney Gallagher isn’t the only one who has taken advantage. Hundreds have written in to thanks Paul for his invaluable insights.

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Here’s What People Are Saying About Paul

“I just wanted to write and thank you for helping me reach my retirement goals. I have been following your advice since October 2016 and have earned $185,000. None of my successes could have been possible without your experience, honesty, and dedication. I am forever grateful to you and your hard working crew.” —Phil Hewlitt

“I’ve purchased a portfolio of about 30 stocks following your advice. My $200,000 starting capital has since grown to $300,000 since the middle of 2016. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.” — Chuck Palmer

“Over the last two and a half years we started with $1.9 million and today we have about $2.67 million. Considering the $220,000 we’ve taken out, we’re up a million bucks.” — Dennis Taylor

“What you have done here is truly life changing. I started out with about $200,000 in your recommendations. I recently added another $100,000. To date, my portfolio is valued at $500,788!” — Roy Porter

“Since I began two years ago, I’ve made a return of $51,000 with a high of $62,000.  It may not sound like much, but it is more than I get from my savings bank. I thank you for your sincerity and honesty and will continue to follow your advice.” — Stephanie Chambers

“Just wanted to offer a big THANK YOU for your insights. I made $102,000 on FMI alone. Your recommendations have been very profitable. Last year alone my portfolio grew 69%. Thank you!” —Aaron Fraser

In 10 days, our account value went up $627,573.16. This, in combo with our short-term realized gains which since following you are now over $1,000,000.00, has changed our lives as we mentor our adult grandchildren regarding your one-of-the-kind investment models.” — John and Vicki Castello

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