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This Mega Trend Could Yield the Trade of the Decade

One of the sharpest tech experts on or off Wall Street has just unveiled his best idea for 2020 and beyond…

Paul Mampilly has been showing everyday folks how to not just get in the stock market game … but to WIN the game.

And he’s got the track record to prove it…

First, on Wall Street where Barron’s named his hedge fund one of the “world’s best,” and Kiplinger ranked him in the top 1%…

And then, as an independent research analyst where he’s shown thousands of folks the path to financial freedom.

Paul’s new research reveals that stock market returns in each decade have been driven by one dominant mega trend — with the most exceptional stocks in those industries making the biggest gains in the markets.

The 1980s were dominated by the rise of retail. Circuit City was the biggest winner of the ‘80s — up a massive 9,287% — potentially turning a $1,000 investment into $93,870.

Tech stocks dominated the ‘90s, with stocks like Dell, EMC and AOL all soaring over 70,000%.

$10,000 in Dell alone, in 1990, would have turned into $9.2 million by the end of the decade!

Most recently, the 2010s have been highlighted by massive moves in biotech stocks like Jaxx Pharma — up 23,297% — and Exact Sciences — up 10,870%.

So what does the next decade have in store?

Paul has been tracking a developing mega trend that Forbes calls “the next big thing in the tech industry.”

And Business Insider says it’s “the future of technology.”

The global impact of this mega trend is expected to reach $15.7 trillion in the next few years…

And Paul believes his recommendation for this mega trend could be the next trade of the decade.

Just think…

Had you identified the tech mega trend back in 1990 and put just $1,000 into each of the top 10 positions, you could have ended up with $3.24 million!

To find out more about this powerful and profitable trend, you can view Paul’s latest research here.


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