Ever wonder how much that investment account would be worth if shares of Microsoft or Amazon had been purchased before they became household names?

If an investor had bought into Microsoft back in March 1986, a $1,000 investment would be worth more than $810,620 today.

That’s an increase of 80,962%.

Or, if they had gotten into Amazon at just the right moment … post books but pre-everything else … they could’ve made an increase of 134,000%. An investment of $1,000 in 1997, would be well over a million dollars.

A crystal ball would’ve been nice.

The thing is, most people think it’s about getting in early, but actually getting in TOO early could cost a fortune.

The good news is, there’s no crystal ball needed buy in at the right time.

History has shown that all technology follows an adoption lifecycle called the “Acceptance Curve.” On it, there are three main phases that have to happen before a tech stock could explode.

Phase 1 is innovation.

This is when a new technology comes to market. It’s the “make it or break it” phase. Many technologies never make it out of this phase because they never gain mass appeal – and unfortunately many investors dive in too soon and suffer the costly mistake.

Phase 2 is acceptance.

This is when a technology is accepted by the masses. Investors should look to enter the market for a new technology just as this phase is taking off.

Phase 3 is saturation.

At this point, practically everyone uses the technology and the biggest profits have been made. It’s also the point where many investors dive in too late. Sure, they may see some long-term gains at this point, but the fortunes are long gone.

All investors have to do is find a company with a breakthrough technology that’s on the cusp of entering the acceptance phase.

The tricky part is knowing when a technology is going from phase 1 to phase 2.

But I created a strategy that seems to have cracked the code.

It’s how I made 279% on Facebook, back when most investors were still asking how they were supposed to be profitable.

And how I made a sizable 634% gain on Netflix, way back in May 2010 … before online streaming had taken off.

It can take hours of research and months of patience to pinpoint the right company at the right time. And even then nothing is 100%.

However, I’m honing in on a little-known tech stock I’ve been watching for months that’s poised for incredible success. Make no mistake: This company has developed a technology that is going to change the way the world does business.

I’ve done all the legwork and put it into a controversial video.

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