Money continues to pour out of cryptocurrencies and back into meme stocks such as AMC Entertainment (NYSE: AMC). Recently, institutional investor Mudrick Capital bought 8.5 million shares of AMC only to sell them shortly after.

That’s no coincidence.

In today’s video, Chartered Market Technician Clint Lee breaks down what’s behind this latest rotation … and why these kinds of trades can be dangerous for investors.

More importantly, he shows why the opportunity in energy storage can offer high returns without all the crazy risk.

Don’t Fall for FOMO

Clint explains how FOMO, or the “fear of missing out,” plays a role in the meme stock rally that you’re seeing today.

No matter what indicators or charts you look at, it’s hard to predict the perfect time to sell when it comes to these types of stocks. The risk can lead to a devastating blow to your brokerage account.

Watch today’s video to discover:

  • The relationship between crypto prices and meme stocks — is it a coincidence that bitcoin went down while AMC went up?
  • Three key factors that led to the surge in price for GameStop and AMC.
  • Why investing in these risky stocks is on par with gambling your money away, no matter if you’re a short-term or long-term investor.
  • How this energy storage exchange-traded fund (ETF) will produce higher gains and be a safer investment than any meme stock.
  • And more.

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