We are on the cusp of the greatest crypto supply crunch ever.

BlackRock, the largest asset manager in the world is expected to launch a bitcoin ETF within months…

Combined with the 2024 bitcoin halving event, this rising tide will lift all ships.

And the next crypto millionaire could be you.

Are you already a crypto enthusiast? Or are you ready to become one?

Then we’ve got the perfect post-Thanksgiving treat for you.

First, test your knowledge with this special crypto crossword. (And let us know how you did here: BanyanEdge@BanyanHill.com!)

Then, keep reading to set yourself up for crypto’s breakout!

Start here!

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Before Crypto’s Next Big Move…

If you’re ready for the next step in your crypto trading journey, you should let Ian King help you. He’s our resident crypto expert.

His unique approach to crypto investing led his subscribers to top gains like 1,934% on Solana (SOL), plus 3,981% and 18,325% (NOT a typo!) on Terra (LUNA) in just one year.

In fact, he’s called every major crypto move higher…

Now, he’s looking at a $200 trillion move that could lead investors to a massive windfall of profits.

Specifically, we’re talking seven trades that have the potential to produce seven-figure gains … AGAIN!

He put all the details in his latest report: The Next Million: 7 Cryptos for 7-Figure Profits. See how you can unlock it today — click here.

Happy Monday!

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