I smiled when my dad asked me the same question he always does when we chat on the phone: “What do you think about this market?”

My father and I have been avid followers and investors for years, and we’ve both admitted that this market has us shaking our heads at times. Of course, we’re not the only ones.

The Consumer Confidence Index hit 125.6 in March, according to data from the Conference Board, its highest level since December 2000.

On the other hand, the latest American Association of Individual Investors Sentiment Survey shows that the percentage of individual investors expecting stocks to rise in price is below 30% for a second consecutive week. This week is also the 12th out of the last 13 with investor optimism below its historical average of 38.5%.

And there have been countless Wall Street pundits and talking heads claiming that the “Trump bump” we experienced following the election is now over.

The fact is, I’m not worried about where the market is headed because I’ve got several aces up my sleeve that will not only protect my wealth, but grow it over the coming months, regardless of what happens with the market. Let me show you…

Uncertainty in the Market

The market has kept investors on edge for the past several months as uncertainty leaves them wondering if now is the time to pull their money out of stocks or if they should stay fully invested in order to catch the next leg up.

Internationally, Europe is facing the early stages of Brexit, which could have a painful impact on the U.K. and the EU. In addition, Europe is on edge as the French prepare for the first round of voting in their presidential election. If Marine Le Pen wins, we could see a renewed push within France to leave the EU, causing massive disruptions throughout the region.

Furthermore, we are seeing a sharp increase in tension between the United States and Russia, North Korea and Iran.

Turning to domestic policies, Washington is preoccupied with health care reform — and the failure to get rid of Obamacare — tax reform, immigration, travel bans, privacy, the strength of the dollar and the Federal Reserve’s plan to lift interest rates a couple more times this year.

Any one of those issues stands to either derail the entire market or send certain sectors skyrocketing sharply higher. But how do you know where to put your money in these turbulent times?

A Gathering of Experts

To help you find advantages that are certain to present themselves as the trading environment changes, we’ve pulled together an elite group of experts in investing and asset protection for this year’s Total Wealth Symposium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The goal is for you not only to learn ways to protect your wealth, but also how to add more than $1 million to your assets. Some of the presentations will include:

  • The anatomy of 10-baggers. One of our experts will reveal, for the first time and before a live, in-person audience, the ultimate prize: the exact recipe you need to identify stocks that are best poised to rocket up 1,000%. Not only that, but he’ll also reveal how most financial “experts” overthink stocks by focusing on the wrong things, and how you can use this fact to your advantage to uncover huge winners.
  • The emerging opportunity in the world’s most hated sector. This sector has gotten hammered — absolutely hammered — over the last three years. Now it’s roaring back … setting the stage for the ultimate “contrarian” play for savvy investors. Our resident expert in this field will show you how you could make gains as high as 345% following this exact setup.
  • How to make money in both up and down markets. While stocks keep climbing higher, market corrections are natural and even healthy. However, you shouldn’t have to stop making money just because the market decides to take a “breather.” At the symposium, we’ll show you how to make up to 171 times better returns simply by avoiding the market’s many “hiccups.” This is the essence of creating your own personal bull market.
  • “How I made 4,250% in a single day.” Another one of our experts, a world-renowned economist, will reveal how he helped a small group of friends and associates turn every $1,000 into $42,500 the night of President Donald Trump’s election by bucking conventional wisdom and targeting a wildly mispriced asset. Better still, he’ll reveal why these types of opportunities will not only be likely, but more common in the years ahead.

Now keep in mind that we have fewer than 150 seats left for the Total Wealth Symposium, and I don’t want you to miss out on this great opportunity to meet our elite gathering of experts in person. We will sell out. Click here right now to claim your spot.

It’s time to take some important steps to growing your wealth by leaps and bounds.


Jocelynn Smith
Sr. Managing Editor, Sovereign Investor Daily

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