I’ve been saying this for years…

Ethereum (ETH) will one day be the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world.

It will even surpass bitcoin (BTC)…

And that makes it the #1 crypto to buy.

I believe Ethereum is going to reach $3,000 per token by the end of this year. It will eventually surpass BTC in market value.

Here are two major reasons why:

  1. Regulations Are Going to Clear Things Up

When it comes to the crypto market at large, it looks like we’re going to get much more regulatory clarity this year.

The collapse of FTX, Celsius and other crypto funds and exchanges between late 2022 to early 2023 served to shake out the “bad actors” in the crypto market.

It also opened up the next level of opportunity: what I call a “turning point” in the world of crypto.

The Securities and Exchange Commission, led by Gary Gensler, plans to “expand the scope” of federal regulations on cryptocurrencies.

While the government is trying to centralize an inherently decentralized space, some regulation could be a good thing…

Simply put, the SEC monitors transactions, securities exchanges, the activity of market makers, brokers and much more. The aim is to promote fairness and efficiency in the market while preventing fraud.

However, notable voices like SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce and CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, have put it on Gensler to make regulations clear through policy, not by slapping fines and lawsuits on exchanges only when they do something Gensler doesn’t approve of.

If it’s not law, make it a law.

Once the SEC gets through its 2023 plans for regulation, the crypto industry will have a clearer road to navigate.

This will benefit top cryptos like Ethereum in the long run, especially as it expands its network…

Which brings me to my second point on why ETH will soon race passed BTC.

  1. Ethereum Has “Real-World” Utility

Ethereum (ETH) has real world uses.

If I gave you the option to own all the gold in the world or own the internet, which would you choose?

This is the metaphorical difference between bitcoin and Ethereum.

Any one of your friends or family members that buys bitcoin will tell you how great it is, and they can give you 10 reasons for why you should buy it.

Most likely, one of those reasons is BTC’s prices going up. But there are several macro catalysts for that (one being that fiat governments have overspent).

So there needs to be a new type of alternative currency that can be handled and transacted like hard money.

Bitcoin is currently the top pick, as it’s essentially digital gold. Gold isn’t very portable, so I believe bitcoin is a better way to go as a digital asset.

However, that’s the end of where BTC’s uses go.

Like I said, it’s just digital money.

The Case for Ethereum (ETH)

While BTC is a digital store of value, ETH is programmable money. You can do more with Ethereum than you can with bitcoin.

Just like BTC, ETH is a decentralized currency. But its blockchain network is also being used to:

  • Power computer
  • Store huge amounts of data.
  • Secure your digital identity.
  • Allow users to create “smart contracts.”

What are Ethereum smart contracts in crypto?

Smart contracts are the key thing here. They are powered by a decentralized computational network.

The promise of Web3, powered by ETH (and other “Layer 1” cryptos), is to eliminate “third party” companies from digital transactions.

In turn, this will allow us to control our own digital identities.

But to build any of this decentralized infrastructure, you need Ethereum. That’s why the cryptocurrency has utility.

It’s also why I’m convinced that the use cases and market size of Ethereum will be bigger than bitcoin.

The “flippening,” as I call it, will happen — when ETH will surpass BTC in market price.

Which is why you want to get in on ETH now, before that time comes.

I’m bullish on crypto, especially in Ethereum, bitcoin and smaller altcoins.

And if you want to see how I recommend investing, go here for more details on crypto’s turning point now.

See you on Tuesday!

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