Tired of the pandemic and market volatility yet?

We all are. I know I am!

But reality won’t give us a break.

In “normal” market conditions, the economy is either on an upswing or downswing. Where we are in that cycle tells us where to invest.

If we’re in an upswing, we invest in consumer stocks, cyclicals like energy and finance, and commodities.

If we’re in a downswing, we shift to bonds for safety and growth stocks that benefit from lower interest rates.

But what happens if nobody knows where we are in the cycle, because there is no cycle?

What if it’s just chaos because external events won’t let us settle down on any strategy?

In today’s edition of Your Money Matters, Clint Lee and I show you why all bets are off … because nobody knows what to bet on.

Then we show you how — and why — to follow the strategy that all the world’s greatest long-term investors do in these circumstances … that is, if you want to beat the market over the next 12 to 36 months.

Better Than the Reopening AND Stay-at-Home Trades

Other highlights in today’s video include:

  • Reopening trade or the stay-at-home trade? Depends on what day you ask.
  • If you want to stay on top of this year’s crazy market, use the right timeframe.
  • A J.P. Morgan chart that compares the two investment strategies over the last 20 years … the winner will surprise you.
  • The type of thinking to stop now … and what you should do instead.
  • And more.

To watch the video, click here or click on the image below:

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As I mention in today’s video, the next Bauman Letter will contain details — including the ticker symbol and buy-up-to price — of one of the highest dividend-paying investments in the market right now. Look out for that next week.

Kind regards,

Ted Bauman
Editor, The Bauman Letter