It wasn’t just a bad loss … it was a historic loss.

Sure, stocks had a rocky start to the week — making it one of the worst Septembers for investors. But I’m not talking about the market.

I’m talking about football.

On Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons had scored 39 points with no turnovers. They had a 15-point lead against the Dallas Cowboys with just seven minutes left on the clock.

According to ESPN, since 1933, no NFL team had ever lost coming from that position. So, it was a guaranteed victory. That’s probably why one sports fan on the BetMGM app bet $35,000 on the Falcons to win.

In the final five minutes, everything that could go wrong, did. With last-minute touchdowns, a recovered onside kick and one field goal, the Cowboys managed to gain the upper hand.

The Falcons blew the lead and lost by one point.

And the sports bettor? He’s probably kicking himself after losing big.

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But as an investor, you can learn from his mistakes.

Making the Right-Sized Bets

“Never bet the farm on any one investment.”

That’s what Alpha Investor Editor Charles Mizrahi always reminds me.

Because stuff happens. Something unseen, unpredicted or unknowable could happen to the company or the economy — like the sell-off at the beginning of this week.

Just like the Falcons game, everything can go wrong in an instant. And you don’t want to wipe out your portfolio on one big bet.

You see, Charles is all about helping everyday Americans like you take back your financial freedom — not blow it away.

That’s why he recommends owning a great group of companies. These should be stocks you have lots of confidence in. With that confidence, you’ll be able to hold them even when their prices bounce around.

And Charles knows how to target the best companies out there to add to your portfolio. With his 37 years of Wall Street experience, he’s developed an approach to identify what he calls Alpha stocks.

It doesn’t matter how much money or investing experience you have. All you have to do is buy great businesses when the stock is trading at a bargain price … and then just sit and wait.

Making money on stocks is really that simple.


Lina Lee

Managing Editor, Alpha Investor