Our experts study the markets to find the most profitable stocks to trade.

In any market, though, it helps to know what stocks to avoid. Amidst the volatility, they understand the value of knowing which sectors to quit.

So, they’re here to tell you which underperforming sectors and stocks you’re wise to steer clear of right now.

Internal Analyst Anthony Planas offered his take on Tesla’s uncertain footing:

In less than a week’s time, Tesla did a total 180-degree spin on its business plans. The automaker decided to leave stores open and raise prices after saying that it would shutter stores and cut prices. This shows weakness in management and organization. Major automakers are storming into the electric vehicle race, while Tesla loses its first-mover advantage.

Senior Analyst John Ross provided his take on tech stocks:

IT (information technology) is overstretched at a point in the cycle when the sector historically falls out of favor. Netflix and Keysight Technologies Inc. are two stocks to avoid because they are overvalued and more vulnerable to the negative effects of a market pullback.

Matt Badiali is not optimistic about some popular natural resource stocks:

There are a few hot themes that all the dumb money is flocking to. Battery metals like cobalt are screaming hot. These are the stocks we see in the news. They are getting a million mentions on bulletin boards. Everyone is on one side of the boat, clamoring for the handful of names in the sector. That never ends well. That’s what we need to stay away from in natural resources. There are real assets selling for dirt cheap right now … because no one cares about them.

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