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How to Use the Banyan Hill App

Convenient Access to America’s No. 1 Source for Smarter, Safer and More Profitable Investing

Banyan Hill Publishing is a network of global experts in asset protection, investing and entrepreneurship. We have united together to help hardworking Americans obtain the freedom of “total wealth” — the ability to make your own investing decisions, make money with less risk and be free from the financial concerns that plague so many of us.

With the Banyan Hill App, You Can…

Look over the shoulders of Wall Street veterans, former hedge fund and money managers, financial analysts — dozens of experts with valuable insights.

With the Banyan Hill App, You Can…

Receive instant alerts for easy-to-understand recommendations you can act on — no matter where you are in the world

With the Banyan Hill App, You Can…

Read thousands of free articles for the latest on tech, health care, precision medicine, cannabis, artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, the Internet of Things, cryptos and more — and ways to play them that your broker will never tell you.

With the Banyan Hill App, You Can…

Access the model portfolios on the go — current subscribers can stay up to date on all their subscriptions.

What Real Users Are Saying

How our members are gaining financial independence. We are happy to have helped them.

My wife and I are extremely glad that we joined the Banyan Hill team. We recommended your services to our friends and relatives.

David W.

I’ve been with Banyan Hill since the summer of 2016. My overall returns have outpaced what I could have done with anything else.

Joanna H.

I really appreciate the huge amount of information on your website and your great service. Thank you!

Ryan F.

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