Our New Year’s resolution this year and every year? To make investing simple, fun and profitable for YOU.

To do that, we have a few resolution suggestions for you…

Resolution #1: No More FOMO

Do you have a “fear of missing out” (FOMO)? Well, we’ve got a solution. Download the Banyan Hill app now.

You can get your Banyan Edge and more from Ian, Amber, Charles, Mike and Adam right on the Banyan Hill app.

If you subscribe to any of their services, you’ll get access to all of your subscriptions for easy viewing.

And the best part? You’ll get instant notifications when new trades drop.

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Resolution #2: Get the Most out of Your Gurus

Ian, Charles, Mike and Adam put hours of research behind every recommendation they make.

They are chockful of market insights, investing ideas and strategies. All you have to do is listen.

Make sure you’re subscribed to their monthly newsletters, you tune in to their weekly updates and you take action on urgent trade alerts.

You can find them all in your inbox or on our website here.

And when you have the chance, meet these guys in person. We know they’d love to meet you. This February at our Total Wealth Symposium in Orlando, Florida … you can meet the whole team.

If you haven’t RSVP’d to this in-person event, you can do it right here.

Resolution #3: Speak Up

We read every single email, comment and survey answer that you send us.

If you have an investing question, don’t understand a market strategy or just want to share your experience, let us know!

You can email us at BanyanEdge@BanyanHill.com or simply click the button below:

We’re looking forward to a profitable 2024!


We truly appreciate every single one of you in our great Banyan Edge Nation.

Thank you! And… Happy New Year!!

Your Banyan Edge Team Sig

P.S. Aaron is moving to Monday! Be on the lookout for his big 2024 prediction coming your way tomorrow.