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The Earnings Strike Back

Well, well, look what the banking cats dragged in this week…

Earnings season’s back, and it’s, well, just the same as it ever was. All your favorite excuses for corporate shortcomings were on show this week. The chip shortage, COVID costs, supply chain kerfuffles — all of the greatest hits to ever grace the Street.

But if you tuned into Tuesday’s Great Stuff, you’ll know that Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) added one more hefty excuse to the heap with its report: the rising cost of labor.

Oh no! People are existentially motivated by, what are they called, “wages?” I am shook!

Well … all’s yous better get used to it. It’ll be “wage inflation this” and “employment costs that” all throughout this coming corporate-reporting season. Sounds like fun … right? Hello?

Lucky for you, we know a few folks who live for the kinda volatility that such an earnings season might bring. Traders who thrive in treacherous market conditions, like Tauntauns in the merciless Hoth wastelands. Or something along those lines…

Sigh. I can already smell it coming. Let me guess: Options trading is their Force power? You want me to become a trading Jedi too and save the galaxy?

Way to take the power cells right out of my ion drive … jeez.

For decades, Wall Street’s elite traders have been using a little-known trading strategy to generate consistent income for themselves and their clients. (Mysterious, I know.)

Ian King calls it Profit Framing, and what makes “Profit Framing” so unique is that these trades not only pay you upfront every time you trade … they also let you choose how much profit you could make on every trade.

All you need to know is right here.

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