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Paul Mampilly
Rapid Profit Trader

Rapid Profit Trader

After more than 30 years of experience in the stock market, I’ve learned that it’s very difficult to spot a good “buy”. That’s why I decided to develop a system that could take the emotional element out of investing.

With this system, I’ve taken all of the guesswork out of knowing if — and when — a stock is going to make a huge breakout.

Instead, I follow a proven, three-step strategy that tells me exactly which stocks have the most momentum. When my internal analyst, Ian Dyer, and I find one that meets all of our trading criteria, we’ll find an option on that stock and recommend it.

With this strategy, our readers had the chance at gains like:

  • 121% on Intuit Inc. in just 11 days.
  • 107% on Stratasys in 12 days.
  • 105% on Inc. in a little over a month.
  • 100% on Inc. in 8 days.
  • 57% on Slack Technologies Inc. in 2 days.

Better still, this system identifies precisely when to get in and when to get out of a position to collect the most gains.

In fact, readers have sent me emails noting how my advice has helped them revitalize their financial life.

Mark B. said: “Utilizing the information they so graciously gave us, we’ve been able to better our lives. We have faith it has made a difference for those of us who study, and work hard. Coming from the true middle class, where else could we have made that kind of money? Thanks again, Paul, Ian and team for giving me hope.”

Ernie & Valerie S. wrote: “We’ve been risk takers all our lives and this is by far the easiest and most enjoyable way to play with money. We love the fact that Paul and Ian are completely committed to making their service, Rapid Profit Trader, successful for all! We knew NOTHING about options before we started, and we are learning as we go. We learn through Paul’s trade alerts why we are buying or selling, and the weekly update addresses questions about important things like what happens if I miss a trade. We now look forward to Mondays and can hardly wait to see if we should be buying or selling! This truly is the most fun I’ve had with money!!!!”

Rapid Profit Trader Subscription Includes:

  • The Rapid Profit Blueprint: To get the most out of Rapid Profit Trader, you should read this guide first. It provides everything you need to know to be successful using our Rapid Profit Trader strategy. It details how and why stocks make huge runs, and the best way to profit from their momentum. It outlines the way each trade recommendation is designed to grow your money and protect it. It walks you through an example recommendation step-by-step so you’ll feel confident following through on your own. It even gives you a quick look at how to open an options-trading brokerage account — and how to update an existing brokerage account so that you can use it to trade options.
  • The Rapid Profit Trader Portfolio: This model portfolio will show you every open recommendation, the date it was recommended, the current price, the total gain and the current action to take.
  • Weekly Updates: We post weekly updates on all current portfolio positions, as well as general market updates, trends, news events surrounding our stock picks, and a look ahead to what readers can expect in coming months. The weekly updates are also available in text form for those who wish to read it instead.
  • Trade Alerts: Anytime our system indicates a new opportunity, we will send you a trade alert with everything you need to know. How many trades we send will depend on the market at the time, but don’t worry – we will always find the very best trade recommendations for you!
  • 24/7 Access to the Rapid Profit Trader Website and a Dedicated Customer Service Team: All the information you need, including past updates, is stored on an encrypted website that members can access at any time. You’ll also have a team of customer care professionals to walk you through anything you need.

Paul Mampilly

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