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Paul Mampilly
Profits Unlimited


Profits Unlimited Reviews & Customer Testimonials

Paul’s Strong Hands community spans far and wide in Profits Unlimited.

Many readers have written in to share details on their experience in the service.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

I started my journey with you in March 2020 with $500. Over the next several months, [I] was seeing a very nice return rate with your model portfolio and kept adding money paycheck to paycheck and buying stocks with your text alerts 10 months later, my portfolio was at 91% return. I took your advice and sold half of all 18 stocks and am building a beautiful deck with the profits. Without your guidance, I would still just have a savings account making little return.

— Ro

I love the service.  I’ve more than doubled my account since March [2020] using lots of your ideas in my equal-weighted portfolio and following the Rules of the Game.  Thanks so much. 


I started Profits Unlimited with our portfolio of approximately $500,000 & a lot of worry about market fluctuations from day to day. Upon joining Profits Unlimited and investing in almost all their portfolio stocks, our IRA accounts have grown to $1,256,000 as of yesterday. Actually, got to $1,400,000+ before dropping back in the past market turmoil. I have been able to sleep well in the knowledge we are invested in great stocks on Profits Unlimited portfolio… Thank you so much for your service. Our retirement, I feel, is now secure. Keep up the great work!

 — William

There’s no hype in Paul. He’s straight, honest, down to earth and gives it to you the way it is.

— Ian

One of the things I really like about the service is that Paul, in particular, is an optimist. And it really shines through.

— Warren

If it weren’t for your expertise and guidance, the regular folk, like me, would have no chance whatsoever in making some significant money in the stock market.

— Stanley

I subscribed to your Profits Unlimited service shortly after its inception. After making strong capital gains in Activision, I used the proceeds to invest in your stocks.

The result has been a five-fold increase in my grandson’s education savings account, without additional cash contributions. Strong Hands has been the key, although scary at times! I am impressed and very pleased.

— Martin

He’s very down to earth. He wants to help people make money. Obviously, he can do this for people with billions and just have to deal with a few folks, but he’s got a great heart just trying to help others build their wealth. And I really appreciate what he’s doing.

— Kenneth

I joined Profits Unlimited in October of 2017, and True Momentum about a year later. I started with a portfolio of $310,000 and reached an all-time high of $1,136,000! That was April 8 of 2021. Today I’m at $900,000. I want to thank you and everyone there for making me a “millionaire.”

I can’t wait for the next all-time high because of past experience with your recommendations, they will shoot past the previous all-time high. With the profits I have made, I bought a Factory Five Racing Mark IV Roadster, which has an uncanny resemblance to an AC Cobra. And I get to build it myself! Thank you, Paul, Amber and everyone there at Profits Unlimited. Keep up the awesome work you do!!!

— Karl

I subscribe to numerous products and most are driven by my trust in Paul. My wife passed away two years ago after a bout with cancer. I had all but liquidated my 401K and had only $20,000 left when she passed. In less than two years, that $20K has grown to $116K as of today. I want to push it to $1 million over the next five or six years! Thanks, Paul!

— Billy

The money I made went a long way in helping to pay for my wedding. Keep up the good work. You’re making a real difference to people’s lives.

— Elliot

Paul, in September of 2017, I decided to go “all-in” on my stock positions and follow the portfolios in your services. My account value was $335,000. As of today, it totals $1.1 million! Yes, that’s tripling my money in less than three years.

— Suzie

I have been a member of Profits Unlimited since 2020 and am a lifetime member. It is through Paul that I learned about America 2.0 stocks when I watched Paul’s presentation.

Previously, I had only followed stocks in the Dow and a few others and not been very active in trading stocks. I became a more active stock trader when I retired. After subscribing to Profits Unlimited, my portfolio has grown tremendously.

— Christine

Profits Unlimited Review (Paul Mampilly) by Real Member


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