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Michael Carr
Peak Velocity Trader


Curious what real Peak Velocity Trader subscribers have to say about the service? Read real subscriber reviews and testimonials here:


“Thank you for your recommendation of BSX.  This is my first time writing in and I just want to thank you for all of your guidance in option trading. My first option trade was less than a month ago and I would’ve never even considered option trading on my own.  Thanks to your video that first peaked my interest, and your getting started series, I now feel I have some confidence of how this works.  And thanks to the BSX trade, I’m blown away at how well it works and how fun that was.  

Here are the basics of the BSX trade: purchased on 5/22, sold half on 6/11 for a 245% gain, closed position on 6/12 for another 233% gain. 

The details: purchased 4 at 1.23 and sold 2 at 4.25 and the other 2 at 4.10. Yes I wish I had invested more but wow what a return for the $492 that I risked!! 

I’m looking forward to all future recommendations.” – Mike B. 


“Thank you so much for your service! I subscribed to both your services since this July and already made hundreds of dollars. This is amazing. I never thought I’d be able to achieve financial freedom in the near future, but with your help, it seems possible now! Please keep up with your good works! Reading your email becomes a big part of my daily life now, and I’ve learned so much from your emails the last couple of months.” – Jim Y. 


I Signed Up for Life! Thank you so much Michael! These are the kind of gains I have been waiting for! Thank you for your continuing in-depth coverage and analysis of the markets and our positions. I recently signed up for your service for life, and I can’t wait to continue exploring options with you and your team.   

I actually sold the CAT option this morning before your email alert for what looked like about the highest gain possible when I opened my portfolio — and I couldn’t believe my eyes! 

Fantastic, keep up the amazing work!  A true heartfelt thank you to you and your team for all that you do.  

Looking forward to more gains like these!” – Alex W. 


I Made $2,240 in Less Than 3 Weeks! I finally took the plunge and began trading options with your advice on Caterpillar earlier this month. I bought six contracts originally, and sold half the position when advised. I closed out the remaining position this morning: A $2,240 gain in less than three weeks!” – Dave R. 


“Michael, I am a new Lifetime member, having joined on December 18, a week before Christmas.  I just wanted to say THANK YOU as I took a $5,422.00 PROFIT this morning on the CMC January $22.00 Calls you recommended on December 30. That paid for my lifetime membership and then some.” – Richard B. 


***Names have been changed for subscriber privacy but all reviews are real subscribers who have written in to share their stories.

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