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Paul Mampilly
Paul’s Secret Portfolio

Paul's Secret Portfolio

Opportunity is not tamed by international boundaries. From over 25 years of investing experience, I know that there is no limit to the types of profits an investor can find if they simply look in the right place.

My Secret Portfolio is a service that has no boundaries, as the recommendations in this service represent a slew of different types of asset classes.

I dive into analyses of domestic and foreign stocks, collateralized debt obligations, royalty trusts, warrants, and more. By taking hold of opportunities in areas that Wall Street isn’t looking into, we can take advantage of diamonds in the rough.

It’s how I made big gains off of a trade in the home mortgage industry back in 2008 when many other investors were suffering.

I call these types of trades “spec op” investments, because it takes special knowledge to find these hidden opportunities before the rest of Wall Street is even aware of them.

Finding these well-hidden gems is no simple task. However, my team and I are well-versed in hunting down assets with enormous gain potential!

With this strategy, we identify growing market trends that most investors haven’t yet discovered. By focusing on opportunities that stand to see enormous growth, we’re able to generate profits that you won’t get by investing with the mainstream.

Paul’s Secret Portfolio Includes:

  • Trade Alerts: If a new “special opportunity” arises, we will send you a trade alert with everything you need to know about that opportunity, why we chose it and how to play it. We will also send you an alert on when we believe it’s time to sell any of our positions.
  • Paul’s Secret Portfolio’s Rules of the Investing Game: This report is crucial for your success and understanding of my Secret Portfolio. We share information on how to use this service to create a safe and profitable portfolio.
  • Weekly Updates: Each week, we will send you a written or video update to discuss overall market conditions and address our portfolio. We’ll keep you in the know on important company announcements, along with any vital information you need about our recommendations.
  • Model Portfolio: This online portfolio is a snapshot of every open recommendation that we recommend. It will tell you what price readers bought in at, the asset’s current price, gains to-date and total profits once sold.
  • 24/7 Access to Paul’s Secret Portfolio Website: All past and current issues are stored on an encrypted website that members can access at any time.
  • Text Alerts: To ensure you never miss an important trade, my team will issue a text alert any time you need to make a timely portfolio update.

To your wealth,

Paul Mampilly
Editor, Paul’s Secret Portfolio

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