Omicron got you worried?Think the Santa Claus Rally is dead on arrival?Mike Carr says have no fear!In today’s Monthly Market Outlook, Mike explains why he anticipates a strong rally in December. In fact, he is 88% certain of one. When you watch the video you’ll know exactly why.You’ll also discover how I took Chad’s ideas last month and made $280 on one trade … and $490 on another, both in just three days.And not just me — anyone who watched last month’s Outlook had the same opportunity. So does anyone who watches today’s. Chad has a fresh crop of watchlist opportunities.You’ll discover his “sector of the month,” as well as 3 well-positioned stocks inside it.You can buy shares, or buy an option that expires early-to-mid next month to leverage the move.Click here to watch December’s Monthly Market Outlook right now!

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Though, not everything is all sunshine and roses…Mike is watching one part of the market like a hawk. It’s at a key inflection point. If it goes up from here, it’s potentially bullish. But if it falls below this level… it’s damning.Mike and Chad tie it all beautifully together in this month’s video.Give it a watch. Our Outlooks are some of the best free content we make available to you in True Options Masters.Happy December!Ciao,Chris CimorelliChief Editor, True Options MastersP.S. I trade these free recommendations to show you that you can too.Nothing will make me happier than hearing from some of you who take Mike and Chad’s free advice, and make money with it!So if that happens, be sure to write in to with your story!

Chart of the Day:Small-Cap Investors CouldUse a Drink

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Small-cap investors thought they were finally getting the breakout they’ve been waiting for all year long…Only to be disappointed once again!The iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM) got sold all the way back into its frustrating yearlong range these past few weeks, after a hugely promising breakout.We can’t even blame Omicron for this… the breakdown started weeks before.So now, the question becomes: are we due for more chop in the range, a quick reversal higher, or are we even potentially headed lower?My thinking is it’s a combination of option 1 and 2.Note how the 50-week EMA has finally caught up to the price of IWM, after trading far below it for much of the past year. And indeed, the weekly candlewick stopped dead on the 50-week EMA before IWM bounced.That’s a key support — like a straight-up martini after a hard week’s work. And it’s showing in the premarket action, with IWM set to open 2% above yesterday’s close.That’s in addition to the long-term horizontal support at $211, which we’ve been watching the past few months.My gut tells me to bid if we hit that level, so long as there’s no major market panic propelling the move lower. And if we don’t, small-caps are just a couple good weeks away from setting a new uptrend.Regards,Mike MersonManaging Editor, True Options Masters