Bart Simpson End Is Near GS HQ Meme Big

Great Stuff’s Goodie Bag O’ Treats

Double, double toil and trouble.

Markets burn, and portfolios bubble.

Something wicked this way comes!

Answer me this, Great Ones: What do you get when you toss a bunch of excess stimulus money into an already boiling cauldron of investor sentiment and then top it all off with a light sprinkling of pandemic potpourri?

I’ll give you a hint: It rhymes with “schmeconomic heckoning.”

Can I have another hint?

No … but I’ll save you the trouble: Today’s secret phrase is “economic reckoning.” (*Children scream.*)

I know, I know, it’s a heavy and dastardly subject to bring up on a Sunday morn. But it’s not like you weren’t warned…

As Great Stuff’s been saying for nigh on a year now, the Fed’s easy-money printing has made today’s stock market unstable. Asset prices are now trading at wild valuations relative to their underlying business fundamentals.

And one day soon, those prices are going to level out. Today, my friends, may not be the day. (Well, obviously … the market’s closed.) But it’s a-comin’. An economic reckoning — distant shrieking! — that will shake your bones more than a Halloween movie marathon.

But not before Wall Street gives us one last hurrah!

Great Stuff Brewing Something Special Hocus Pocus Meme

That super-secret assignment we told you Joe was working on last Sunday? It’s Great Stuff’s first-ever special event. If you’ve kept up with Great Stuff this past week, you already know that Joe’s calling this last big market push “The Final Run Up.”

I don’t want to give everything away just yet, but it’s basically the last chance we investors will have to make money from soaring stock prices … right before the bottom drops out of the market and everything goes to hell in a handbasket.

We’re going to experience one final surge in the market that could eclipse just about every other stock market boom we’ve seen before. And we’ll show you exactly what you can do right now to make sure you take advantage of this true, once-in-a-lifetime profit setup.

I’m inviting you to enjoy an exclusive first look at The Final Run Up.

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Great Ones! We’ll be back with you tomorrow to … well … do it all over again.

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