Join 25+ Investment Professionals at This Year’s Total Wealth Symposium

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You are invited to join an all-star roster of industry experts gathering at the 14th annual Total Wealth Symposium conference, held this October 14-17 at Atlantis Paradise Island in The Bahamas.

Our very own Jeff Opdyke, Ted Bauman and Bob Bauman will be among the 25+ investment professionals gathering in one room to help interested investors determine the next best moves for their investments and guide them towards a bright and prosperous financial future.

The unique, actionable takeaways from this conference have earned it a very reputable title within the business and investment industries — attendees walk away armed with new offshore investment opportunities, international tax strategies, asset protection services, investment banking havens and much more, all in one place … and all of which they can implement immediately.

During such tumultuous economic times, Total Wealth Symposium provides the answers to the all-important questions brought forward by hundreds upon thousands of people looking to protect and grow their wealth. It brings a positive, fresh perspective to those worrying about potential financial struggles. As a result, these must-see presentations receive glowing reviews, year after year.

“I would recommend this to everybody. Anyone in business, anybody who has financial wealth, anybody who wants financial wealth … this is the place to be,” explained one enthusiastic conference guest. “I really don’t think you can match the knowledge and information that you can gather at the Total Wealth Symposium anywhere else in the world,” says another regular attendee. Such reviews are not uncommon; they are synonymous with hundreds of others from past participants insisting that, as a result of the conference, they each have a clearer vision of their collective financial futures.

The best part: none of these speakers work for Wall Street, mainstream financial firms … or the mainstream financial media. Nor are they “idea merchants” constantly doing the rounds on the seminar circuit. The presentations are structured to allow attendees to make their own decisions, based on information that’s sound and unbiased.

And the luxurious location is definitely a plus. Held at Atlantis Paradise Island, this event offers life-changing investment solutions in an idyllic setting: romantically located on the white Caribbean sands of The Bahamas.

For this week only, tickets are available at a discounted price. Seating at the conference is limited, so be sure to reserve your place now.

About The Sovereign Society

The Sovereign Society was conceived in 1998 by a group of four uncompromising advocates of liberty and free markets. We felt strongly that individuals are born sovereign over themselves, not as chattels of governments.

Unfortunately, the quest to live a sovereign life is becoming more elusive by the year. This fact drove us to explore and organize the unique strengths of international experts.

Our asset protection and legal professionals hail from Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Panama, Hong Kong, Austria, and Denmark (to name just a few). Their sole objective is to help you secure your wealth and keep it from the plunder of onerous taxation and frivolous lawsuits.

At the same time, we’ve uncovered pockets of opportunity in areas of foreign currency, commodities, options and other investment areas that have delivered a great deal of wealth to our members.

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