The euro was up 1.1% last week against the U.S. dollar. And that has suddenly attracted a lot of investor interest.

The rally came from Germany’s report of stronger-than-expected exports and an impressive 0.8% jump in Q3 economic growth.

The next leg up for the euro will come in mid-December at the next European Central Bank meeting. You can count on the ECB and Mario Draghi to whisper the sweetest monetary nothings that an investor could hope to hear. And that should power the euro even higher.

There are several euro ETFs to choose from. But all of them – except one – suffer from low trading volume. So my recommendation is to buy CurrencyShares Euro ETF (FXE), which trades an average of 500,000 shares a day.

It is a non-leveraged ETF, so both the upside and downside are modest. In fact, my target is $119.60, which would translate into approximately a 4% gain. That would take the euro back to the upper end of its trading channel (see above chart).

Here’s what to do:

Using 10% of the funds allocated to this service, Buy to open the CurrencyShares Euro ETF, symbol FXE, at the market.

Then place an order to sell all shares at $119.60. This order is good until canceled.

Best wishes,