Boston Beer cannabis drink meme

I’m A Little TeaPot

Ready or not, Great Ones, here comes Boston Beer (NYSE: SAM) with a brand-new cannabis-infused brew, adorably coined “TeaPot.”

It’s a line of teas with marijuana mixed into it … get it?

Um, sure. And what is this? Are you going straight into the meat of the matter for once? Can you even do that?!

We’re about to find out! Anyway, after failing to make hard seltzer take off in any plane of existence, Boston Beer is trying its hand at the THC tea market, with the first cannabis concoctions hitting Canadian shelves at the start of July.

Distributed by Boston Beer’s subsidiary, BBCCC, each TeaPot drink will be dosed with 5 mg of THC. Considering a standard cannabis edible has anywhere from 5 mg to 10 mg of THC inside of it, these little TeaPot potions are sure to pack a punch … and may or may not result in the raiding of the nearest fridge upon consumption.

Should any Canadian Great Ones get their hands on one of these beverages this summer, I’d love to hear whatever TeaPot tales you have to tell. So be sure to spin the yarn and hit us up in the Great Stuff inbox.

Just … you know … drink responsibly and all that jazz.

GameStop’s Gamble

GameStop just announced a beta Ethereum (ETH) wallet meme

Calling all crypto hodlers! Have you heard the good news?

OG meme stock GameStop (NYSE: GME) wants to become your new crypto captain as you sail these stormy altcoin seas.

And to prove it’s super-duper serious, GameStop just announced a beta Ethereum (ETH) wallet that will let users store, send and receive crypto (and NFTs) through their web browsers.

Ooooh, ahhhh.

What? You don’t trust GameStop to do the same shipshape job as Coinbase (Nasdaq: COIN) when it comes to protecting your costly crypto coins? It’s not like the company was on the verge of bankruptcy or anything a few years back, with no clear business direction in sight…

But I digress. This latest move represents GameStop’s foray into Web3, as it further looks to explore opportunities in blockchain, NFTs and … well, really anything else that doesn’t involve actual gaming.

You can be sure that Great Stuff will follow GameStop’s journey into this whole new digital world with interest … though it’s doubtful we’ll catch a ride on this wayward Web3 ship if GameStop’s charting the course.

For some actual crypto news, be sure to check this out.

It’s Electrifying!

Hey, XPeng (NYSE: XPEV) investors! Do you have chills? Are they multiplying? Don’t go losing control now … even if the Chinese electric vehicle (EV) maker did report slightly positive earnings amid cautious expectations.

For the quarter, XPeng reported an adjusted loss of $0.11 per share on sales of $1.3 billion — better than analysts anticipated. But its delivery figure is what really jolted investors awake, having hit 34,561 vehicles in the first three months of the year.

While that’s down from XPeng’s 41,751 completed deliveries last quarter … it’s still impressive considering huge swaths of China keep going into COVID-19 lockdowns, preventing people from working.

I mean, just ask Elon how China’s lockdowns have been going for Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) lately…

What’s Equally As Electrifying As XPeng’s Earnings?


No? You give up already? (What is this, Monday or something…)

Why, it’s a brand-new battery tech that’s bringing long-range EV charging to the masses, that’s what!

No more stopping to charge your EV every few hours just to get a couple more miles down the road! Well, if you have a lead foot like me, that is.

Click here now to see how this new battery tech works!

I Dream Of Didi

DiDi delisting stock plan meme

If DiDi Global (NYSE: DIDI) investors were dreaming of the day the company figured out its delisting debacle and announced it would somehow stay on the New York Stock Exchange … those dreams were dashed this morning.

After 11 months of “will they or won’t they” back and forth, DiDi shareholders voted to delist from the American stock exchange, citing China’s ongoing tech crackdown as the reason for its departure.

With a clear path forward now in sight, DiDi can start working with Chinese regulators to overhaul its data systems and float shares on the domestic Hong Kong exchange.

Should a secondary listing go through, this could be the best-case scenario for DIDI investors who’re hoping their ADR shares get swapped for foreign stock. But for now, shareholders remain in limbo while the company figures out its logistics.

Chart of the week

Ahhh, yes. What says Monday afternoon like a fresh slate of earnings trades, plays and charades?

A nap. A long, time-distorting, wormhole-opening nap, Great Stuff.

Well sheesh, you’re gonna need one of those after this lineup. Just take a look at this week’s docket of corporate confessions, courtesy of Earnings Whispers on Twitter:

Earnings week of 23 May chart

By the time you read this, Zoom Video Communications (Nasdaq: ZM) will have its report in the digital books. (Is Zoom’s earnings call on Zoom? Curious minds want to know.)

Zoom investors and schadenfreude seekers alike also want to know how the company is managing to monetize its video calling platform.

Options traders are pricing in a move of about 18% — up or down, mind you. And seeing how the post-pandemic market has treated fellow pandemic players like Teladoc … I don’t have high hopes going into Zoom’s report.

Closest to Great Stuff Picks investors’ hearts — Nvidia! From AI to gaming to the metaverse … you name a tech trend, and Nvidia (Nasdaq: NVDA) is right there in the thick of it. Meaning every Nvidia report is a literal feast of cross-mega trend action.

Ah, the buzzwords, they buzz!

Options traders expect a move of 9.6% in either direction. If Nvidia’s fellow chipmakers’ reports are anything to go by, investors want to see that Nvidia navigated its supply chain hiccups last quarter with ease (or at least without heavy losses).

And Mr. Market hasn’t been too forgiving of, well, anything this quarter, let alone supply chain problems.

By midweek, we’ll be testing the old saying that no two Snowflake (NYSE: SNOW) reports are exactly alike.

The tech sell-off of the past few weeks (months?) hasn’t been kind to the data cloud company, down 58% so far this year, and it’s gonna take a helluva positive earnings report to stem the bleeding on this one.

Investors are expecting a 16.5% move for SNOW stock after earnings, so bring your warmest jackets in case SNOW falls.

Last and kinda least comes Alibaba (NYSE: BABA). Freshly freed from its delisting fears, it’s back to normal earnings-based fears for BABA investors. The options market is pricing in a move of about 8% on the report, and considering BABA has dropped after all three of its last reports … well, maybe fourth time is the charm.

Which reports are you looking forward to most this week? Are any of you options traders squeezing the last juice out of earnings season? Let me know what stocks you’re watching here in the inbox.

We’ll be back tomorrow with your irregularly scheduled tomfoolery. In the meantime, here’s how to get your fix for more Greatness:

Until next time, stay Great!

The Great Stuff Team