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Welcome to Wednesday, Great Ones!

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Hopefully, by now, none of you are wondering who I am … machine or mannequin. (Secret, secret, I’ve got a secret.)

Wait, you’re … the associate of Mr. Great Stuff! The Igor to Dr. Franken-Stuff!

Correct, indeed! And, come a little closer now, quiet down. I’ve got a secret I’ve been hiding under my skin. My heart is human, my blood is boiling and we just heard from Joe himself.

He made it out of the bunker he’s been hiding in, and it turns out he’s been cooking up some really cool Stuff. We got a sneak peek of it here at Great Stuff HQ … and it’s going to be wild.

We still can’t give everything away — gotta leave something to the imagination, right? But we wanted to share what we do know with you today, seeing as we’re really, really, really bad at keeping secrets around here … and it’s that important.

So important, in fact, that we’re dedicating all of today to what Joe’s calling “The Final Run Up.”

Oooh, new hip lingo — mysterious!

Just what is The Final Run Up? Well, it has to do with the No. 1 question y’all ask us: When to sell.

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I haven’t seen this many questions about knowing when to sell in a long time. It’s something even we struggle with, especially given how the markets are trading right now.

There’s a big difference between feeling a certain way about the market — positive, negative, or just feigned indifference — and then behaving that way when you go to trade. Especially when you’re really in the thick of it.

We’re not robots, after all … at least not most of us (here’s looking at you, Elon). And even the best investors can let their emotions cloud their judgment.

But now, there’s a better way to handle those exits and get more out of your trades. And it starts with The Final Run Up. Capiche?

That’s all I can say on the matter for now… But you can go right here to find out more.

(By the way, if you ever have trouble opening up our links — try a different browser! Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or a tin can running to your neighbor’s house. Don’t give up! I believe in you.)

Great Stuff's Poll of the Week

All right, Great Ones — let’s get down to business (don’t worry, we’re not defeating any Huns today). But what we are doing is diving into a brand-new, rip-roaring poll. Yeah!

This time last week, we asked if you were more or less likely to use Facebook in the future … you know, considering all the public safety and privacy concerns surrounding Facebook’s latest scandal.

I’m half tempted to print out your answers and stick them on my fridge — they were that good. See, 46.7% of you said Zuckerberg and his cronies can “Zuck it” — y’all are done with Facebook and its anti-social media.

I mean, we’ll see how many of you can really stave off those social media shakes long-term … but I appreciate your outrage nonetheless!

Another 37.3% of Great Ones said: “Wait, y’all are still using Facebook?” I guess you lot must’ve headed over to TikTok — how is it hanging with the Gen Z crowd these days?

Finally, the remaining 16% of you said that even though Facebook gives you the willies, you still need to get your fix … and there’s nothing quite like that Facebook high. (Luckily, it sounds like no one needs a full detox considering 0% of you opted to give Zuckerberg any more of your data than necessary. Good on you!)

And now time for something completely different. For this week’s poll … we want to know one thing and one thing only…

I await with bated breath.

Uh-huh. Going along with what I said earlier … how do you handle market volatility?

Specifically, when the market goes pear-shaped and starts to shake — and you know you’re in for a bumpy ride — do you ditch your trades or hold on for dear life?

Let us know in the poll below:



Believe it or not, there’s another way to time your exits regardless of what’s going on in the broader market — an all-purpose plan, of sorts. (Hint: It’s what Mr. Great Stuff’s been working on).

You can learn more right here — you’ll thank me for it later!

As always, I appreciate you chiming in with your thoughts! And if you have more to say than a mere poll can satisfy, by golly by gosh, write to us! is your one-stop shop for ranting, raving and any other indecipherable mumbo jumbo you wanna send our way. We accept it all, so long as it’s not spam (or SPAM … ain’t nobody got time for gelatinous meat in a can).

Anyway — here’s your chance to take over the ranting reins! We’ll catch up with the results for today’s poll this time next week.

In the meantime, here’s where you can find our other junk — erm, I mean where you can check out some more Greatness:

Until next time, stay Great!

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