The last revolutionary disruption in technology sent a handful of resource stocks soaring.

Continental Resources went on a tear shooting up from $7.45 to $80.64 a share. Those who got in early banked a staggering 982% gains.

Anadarko Petroleum saw share prices spike from $4.94 to $109.74 – a massive gain of 2,221% for investors who got in quick.

And Pioneer Natural Resources took off from $5.18 to $229.81. An amazing 4,336% gain and enough to explode every $10,000 invested into $443,600.

Now, these are rare and extraordinary examples, and I can’t guarantee that we’ll see gains this high again.

But if you missed your shot at those, don’t worry. Because now you could still have another shot at life-changing gains as a brand-new digital gold rush is expected to come our way.

And legendary stock picking expert Matt Badiali believes this is “the most lucrative opportunity in a decade.

The company behind his recommendation is already in the headlines.

Forbes called this company a “mammoth in the making.”

CNN said the industry has “a new king.”

Investor’s Business Daily says the company is positioned to “generate even better investor returns.”

Matt’s in-depth research indicates the $13 stock behind this company could be about to skyrocket. Anyone who gets in right now could set themselves up for the chance at huge triple-digit gains – as this company moves into the next phase of its plan to dominate an estimated $926 billion industry.

That’s why Matt recorded a special presentation to reveal the details. His presentation is available online for the time being. However, it won’t be available for lone.

The last time Matt saw an opportunity like this, the stocks he recommended took off like a rocket with gains of 339%, 156% and 343%.

But Matt says this company could go even higher once Wall Street sees the massive upside potential it holds.

You can watch Matt’s presentation here before it goes offline.