Investors in today’s tech market can easily be intimidated by the explosive growth…

Are technology stock gains of 200%, 600%, 1,000% or more a thing of past?

Is this market in the middle of a bubble that’s about to pop?

All these questions and more are answered in tech investment expert Ian King’s latest video presentation (click here to view … it’s FREE).

Ian King is a Wall Street superstar.

His hedge fund ballooned 1,721% during the worst 16 months of the financial crisis. That means his investors were able to turn every $100,000 into $1.7 million.

Since then, he got in on the ground floor of an electric car venture that eventually sold for $149 million. In 2013, he saw the enormous opportunity in bitcoin when it was still an idea thrown around on obscure internet forums. In the past six years, it has delivered as much as 141,647% returns.

And just last year, he made his company almost $6 million off of just one of his unique ideas.

Now he’s targeting a radical, new technology for his next recommendation. It will be 2,400 times bigger than blockchain, 400 times bigger than the global big data market and double the size of artificial intelligence.

And Ian’s newest video shows you everything you need to know about this soon-to-be mainstream technology. “It’s a rare opportunity to achieve real financial independence … and it all comes down to one tiny company that holds the key to this technological renaissance,” he says.

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