Insiders have purchased $20.6 million dollars’ worth of shares in this company in just 18 months.

Twenty point six MILLION.

It’s staggering.

The owner alone has purchased $16.3 million worth of shares.

And the CEO, chief financial officer and a top-ranking board member have purchased $4.3 million worth, in the past two months alone.

What’s more, they didn’t exercise options to get the shares.

And they didn’t receive them as bonuses or compensation.

They have been buying shares hand over fist on the open market – with money out of their own pockets.

As acclaimed stock research expert Jeff Yastine just revealed in this special video, it’s just one of THREE clear signs this company could join the ranks of Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

But this opportunity is moving fast.

An anticipated announcement from their management team could send shares soaring within the next few weeks.

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