No doubt, Tesla is a stock that people love to hate.

Tesla has been the most-shorted stock in the U.S.

And the media? Well… Tesla spends $0 on advertising. Other car companies spend billions. With a B.

So if you think the media has it out for Tesla, you’d be right. The last thing they want to see is their big ad spenders die trying to compete with this renegade electric vehicle producer.

Elon Musk doesn’t make it hard for the media and short sellers to spread the hate. No doubt he’s taken some risks and liberties that make even the most-devoted TSLA investors squirm.

But the reality is, Tesla is an unstoppable force in the future of transportation. Look at the facts…

Tesla’s Model 3 is the best-selling electric vehicle in the world.

It’s also the best-selling luxury car (electric or otherwise) in the U.S.

Tesla is rolling out its small SUV/crossover – the most popular vehicle type in America.

The future of transportation is autonomous and electric vehicles. Tesla has such a massive lead on the competition in both technologies, competitors will die even as they work tirelessly to play catch up.

Tesla has broken into online car sales in a big way, and this is another area where there is a clear lead advantage. It will take a lot of time and expense for other car makers to completely shift to an online sales platform, losing car sales to Tesla as they struggle to make the change.

Tesla is ahead of the game on the market-disrupting robotaxi technology which is just another nail in traditional car makers’ coffins.

Despite an array of enemies, Tesla is selling hundreds of thousands of cars.

Bet on the future of transportation. Hold Tesla (NYSE: TSLA) if you own it. Buy it if you don’t.

Note:  Tesla’s superpower is based on this one, dime-sized chip. And while Tesla is a great company to own for the long-term, in the next 12 months I expect this little technology “driver” to explode triple-digits. Click here for the story.






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