Imagine having your money stashed away in a private account … an account that is far out of the hands of overreaching government, greedy lawyers, dangerous hackers and even a jarring stock market correction.

Imagine that money automatically growing at an incredible rate (think double digits) … tax-advantaged … day after day, month after month, year after year.

And imagine using your new money to create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Sipping a margarita in a sunny tropical paradise, cruising Europe in a German luxury car, or perhaps just retiring years younger than you ever thought possible (and being proud you can pass your family fortune on to your kids).

Best yet … imagine doing all the above … with Uncle Sam’s legal stamp of approval!

Ted and Bob Bauman teamed up to write Where to Stash Your Cash. Get a free copy by clicking here.

Ted and Bob Bauman teamed up to write Where to Stash Your Cash. Get a free copy by clicking here.

“It’s possible,” explains Ted Baumann, an international financial expert. “You just need to make know the right steps to make and when to make them. The billionaires and millionaires, people like George Soros, Warren Buffett, and Mitt Romney, use their highly paid attorneys and accountants to do it all the time.”

Ted and his father Robert, highly-regarded former Congressman from Maryland, recently teamed up to write a book on this very topic: Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally).

The initial reviews praise its practical advice.

“I couldn’t stop reading,” Brian O’Conner, the Publisher of Sovereign Society. “It’s like a Bible of hidden financial secrets. A money map of sorts telling me what to do, where to go, and best yet – who to contact to make it all happen.”

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Most people have thought this secret world was too expensive, too complicated, and too dangerous for them to navigate.

But as Ted explains, “I am here to tell you that not only is this type of life attainable if you take the right steps, but that you can achieve it more easily than you likely thought possible — no matter your age, income, or education.”

Ted would know.

He has traveled to over 75 countries during the last 20 years to help those living under overreaching, intrusive governments.

“When I returned to the states, I was shocked,” Ted explains, “This no longer was a country for the people and by the people … it was for the government and by the government.”

Ted’s father, a staunch defender of liberty, went on to write over 12 best-selling books after he retired from the U.S. House of Representatives in 1980. His books detail how one can get a second passport, lawyer-proof your life, and how to set up bank accounts overseas, such as in Switzerland.

Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally) is one of my favorite books,” he says. “Not just because I was able to co-author it with my son, but also because without expert advice, you won’t get maximum privacy and protection.”

Indeed, under President Obama’s administration, Americans are under a monetary attack. It’s a silent attack from within that robs us of our financial privacy and prosperity.

For example, despite most Americans struggling to recover from the economic recession, we citizens paid a record amount in taxes in 2014 … up 51% in the last five years alone.

Each one of the 584-pages woven in Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally) offers readers tips for fighting back, such as …

  • How to pay zero U.S. income taxes on your first $201,600 a year (Not everyone will qualify, click here for more details)
  • How to set up a low-cost legal device that will guard your wealth from lawsuits, creditors, and even a dangerous out-of-control government
  • How to find a safe and beautiful tropical paradise that offers an immediate permanent residence

Since its release, Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally) has been making waves.

“You need this book,” says Eric Roseman, the President of ENR Asset Management in Canada; “Mr. Baumann has years of experience tracking the offshore industry and understands privacy, asset protection, and how to deploy your assets safely.”

Indeed, the book does give lists of the top contacts for wiring money to offshore accounts, how to set up a tax-advantaged annuity overseas, and how to set up your own offshore corporation (from your living room).

So, you don’t need billions of dollars to quietly stash your cash for maximum protection and privacy. You just need the right guide to get you there, and anyone can do it in just a few quick steps.

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