Behind the scenes in tech companies across America, there is a secret revolution quietly taking place…

And it involves a weird bit of code that looks like this:

To most people, it doesn’t look like anything.

But major tech CEOs have called this “the new oil” and “the next trillion-dollar opportunity.”

It’s the technology that makes all other technologies possible (AI, the Internet of Things, autonomous cars, green energy, etc.).

Tech investor Ian King says: “This tech is going to be bigger than all of these other technologies … combined.”

Ian is famous for calling the 2008 market collapse before it crashed (a move that handed his hedge fund investors a 1,721% return).

Which is why major media outlets like Fox Business, Bloomberg and CNBC reach out to him for insight on everything from the stock market to the economic outlook to geopolitics.

However, Ian recently left Wall Street to start a new venture on Main Street.

A venture that essentially lets everyday Americans look over his shoulder to see the stocks he would otherwise recommend to his wealthy clients.

Recently, in this new presentation, Ian did the unthinkable.
He went public with his top recommendation — an innovative company behind the code you see above that’s at the forefront of it all.

In fact, it holds more than 200 patents (and has 500 patents pending) around this industry.

Thirty-one analysts recently gave this company a major buy/outperform rating.

And now, it triggered a rare buy signal that indicates this stock could soar at any moment.

Fair warning — Ian says this company will not trade at its current level for long. Once Wall Street understands its true potential this stock will take off.

You can watch a full recording of Ian’s presentation here, while there’s still time.