A game-changing medical device is about to make some well-positioned investors very happy.

The company behind this device has more than 100 patents, saw its earnings surge 768% year over year last quarter, has a track record of growth and just signed two major deals…

One with Teva Pharmaceutical, the world’s largest generic drugmaker, with a $12.5 billion market cap.

The other with Pfizer, the world’s largest pharmaceutical corporation with a $228.5 billion market cap.

This New Jersey-based company is perfectly primed for a takeover – very soon.

That’s why Wall Street veteran Jeff Yastine is certain that there is a very unique opportunity for savvy investors.

And at less than $5 per share, the rewards for those who get in NOW could be tremendous.

Yastine just created a special presentation detailing what he believes is the No. 1 biotech stock to invest in today.

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