In the wake of a “Pearl Harbor-style” attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities, oil prices skyrocketed to more than $69 a barrel in the biggest intraday price spike in history.

President Trump was quick to react by releasing oil from the strategic petroleum reserve.

In addition, Trump expedited the approval process of new oil pipelines saying that more oil would be released if needed to keep the market well-supplied.

According to financial analyst and oil field expert Matt Badiali, this massive jump is the result of having the world’s most important resource concentrated in one of the most dangerous regions on the globe.

“The political risk for oil prices has always been there,” Badiali says, “and this surprise attack has brought these risks into full focus.”

Badiali is quick to point out: “American crude oil is more crucial to the world economy than ever before.”

And just as the world needs America most, one company is leading the charge with new oil technology that is set to flood the market with fresh American oil.

According to Badiali’s research: “This new technology has the potential to cover America’s oil fields with ‘perpetual gushers’ … capable of extracting as much as 700% more oil than we ever could before.”

Just as the Saudi attacks take millions of barrels a day off the market…

Badiali sees this powerful technology “flooding the market with millions of barrels of new American oil and making early investors an absolute fortune in the process.”

In a special presentation, Badiali gives you complete details about the incredible technology — and tells you how you can get the one stock that is expected to skyrocket as the conflict in Saudi Arabia continues to escalate.

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