When I announced Foundation Medicine (FMI) as my No. 1 stock last year, some of my Wall Street friends laughed at me.

After all, the stock had been stuck at $20 for three years

But then it happened.

A buyout was announced for $137 a share.

Those who followed my advice made a small fortune. Like Mike Benson who told me he made $1,109,307.

Here’s what’s really exciting.

I think my No. 1 pick for 2019 will do even better.

The stock is trading 50% below its recent high and has a PE ratio at a rock bottom 2.9.

In other words, it’s cheap.

Dirt cheap.

Yet, that’s not why I am telling people to grab this company with both hands.

I’m giving it a screaming “buy” because it’s on the move (the stock price just hasn’t caught up yet!).

Its sales have grown 250% over the last two years while its net income has surged from $5 billion … to $14 billion.

At $35, this stock could be the steal of the century, one that could help you reach your retirement dreams.

Most importantly, it’s at the forefront of a $3.1 trillion tech revolution that The Economist calls “the next big thing.”

It’s a chip maker that was slammed in late 2018 as the FAANG companies suffered. But unlike many of those companies, its financials are incredibly solid.

Not to mention, management just announced an aggressive $10 billion stock buyback plan.

You can get additional details on my No. 1 stock pick by watching my latest video presentation here.