Recently, a rogue economist walked into my office, sat down and with a calm voice that did not waver, said: “They betrayed us.”

Knowing that this economist has met with and counseled the world’s most powerful leaders including former presidents Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton, I immediately gave him my full attention.


The rogue economist has served our country faithfully for over 40 years.

“This is a bigger financial threat than Islamic terrorism or a Nuclear Iran,” he explained. Then he laid out the real reason Britain left the European Union – and why many other nations were right behind them.

He showed me ironclad evidence that our fiercest enemies—and now our closest allies—have just formed a 57-nation alliance. They have one goal: to dethrone America as the world’s financial superpower…even if they have to dismantle the European Union to do it.

Taking documents from his briefcase, this man revealed how this “alliance” has already obtained a $47 trillion financial arsenal — 300% larger than that of the United States.

He exposed their exact plot, naming names and pulling reams of intelligence from his briefcase … diplomatic cables, photos, data sheets and more…

My stomach turned as he revealed why the financial fallout from this betrayal could equate to three Great Depressions — striking all at once — sending tens of millions of Americans from Starbucks lines to breadlines.

“Life savings will be vaporized by 80%. The stock market will plummet by 60%. Real estate will fall by 50%,” he warned. “Millions of seniors will go from luxurious retirement communities to government-sponsored nursing homes as Social Security and Medicare get slashed.”

He then handed me a video saying, “This reveals everything.”

I posted that exact video right here. Click here to watch it.

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Word of this 57-nation alliance is already leaking out. Business Insider has called its actions “a massive embarrassment to Obama” and the Huffington Post called it “the end of the American century.”

A white paper distributed from yet another source describes the aftermath of their aggressions well:

TearOutUnfortunately, time is not on your side.

You must watch this video now. It reveals…

  • Who this rogue economist is (What he told Bill Clinton in 1989 will shock you, and how he predicted the 2000 and 2008 stock market collapse is terrifying)
  • The 57 nations that make up this alliance and the aggressive move they made on Christmas Day
  • Why Gold will soar to $10,000+ an ounce
  • Most importantly, what you can do today to protect your family and finances.

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