Experts are calling it “mammothly important” and critical to the future of technology.

Industry leaders are calling it a “$1 trillion breakthrough.”


Mysterious tech startup in Massachusetts is on the cusp of a $1 trillion breakthrough that will revolutionize industry and business.

A tiny startup in Massachusetts is about to release an unstoppable new technology that industry leaders say could revolutionize our economy, put millions of Americans back to work and help businesses save as much as $400 billion each year.

Until recently, this story was kept tightly under wraps. No one knew what this breakthrough was or who was behind it.

But news recently broke out when Jeff Yastine, an investigative journalist in South Florida, posted a video exposing the full story.

“Wall Street has been very hush-hush about all this,” Jeff says. “I’m trying to get this story out to as many people as possible so they can take advantage of it. The profit potential here is through the roof.”

Jeff is the former longtime host of the Nightly Business Report. He’s an Emmy-nominated journalist who holds industry bigwigs such as Steve Forbes, Michael Dell and Warren Buffett in his list of contacts.

But recently, Jeff left his media job to head up an innovative research firm in Florida that brings hedge fund-level analysis to Main Street Americans. So far, he’s shown people how to collect huge gains of 127%, 206%, 252%, 340%, 517% and 760%, as well as many others. One man said he tripled his money on a single trade.

But Jeff says this is the biggest opportunity he’s seen yet and that investors who get in now stand to earn a fortune.


This computer code could help America’s largest businesses save $400 billion each year.

At the heart of this new technology lies a simple line of computer code called “D130.” Businesses can use it to boost profits, raise productivity and cut costs by millions, if not billions, of dollars each year.

Already more than 1,400 businesses have signed on, including over half of Fortune 100.

But what’s truly astonishing is how much money they’re investing into it.

Amazon is investing $19 million. Google is investing $100 million. If that seems like a lot, IBM and Microsoft are investing $2 billion … each. And this technology could be such a bastion for small business that the U.S. government has budgeted $19 billion this year alone, with plans to spend more next year.

Right now, the total market for D130 is roughly $80 billion.

By 2021, it will climb to $1 trillion — a 1,200% increase.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” Jeff says. “This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of one of the biggest profit opportunities in a generation.”

But Jeff says 1,200% returns are just the beginning.

In his video, Jeff explains how investors can use this opportunity to turn even a small investment into an absolute fortune (think in the millions).

With Jeff’s permission, I reposted the video below.

I urge you to take the next few minutes to learn what Jeff has to say. If his analysis is correct, this opportunity could take off at any moment.