Investors in today’s marijuana market can easily be intimidated by the explosive growth.

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TSA recently announced it will allow passengers to travel with some forms of marijuana.

And in other major news, a congressional committee has approved a bill that gives legitimate marijuana businesses access to banks.

You see, all marijuana companies were legally prohibited from using the financial system or receiving bank loans to expand their operations.

They had to do everything in cash … until now!

It’s a massive development that is making Washington, D.C., officials more optimistic than ever that full legalization could come much sooner than expected.

Understand, by approving marijuana companies to work with federally accredited financial institutions, Congress has all but ended cannabis prohibition.

Republican lawmakers are optimistic it will pass in the Senate as it heads toward a vote, then on to President Trump’s desk.

Which is why you must act now for the chance to capture life-changing gains from the marijuana market.

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