You’ve likely been told your whole life that you can’t beat the market.

That you should just buy an index fund and accept your meager returns.

Well, part of that is true.

You can’t beat the market on your own.

The guys on Wall Street have tools, access and data you simply don’t have. They have teams of researchers and millions of dollars at their fingertips.

Trying to beat Wall Street is like trying to win a NASCAR race in a Honda Accord.

You simply don’t have the right engine to put you in the winner’s circle.

But, with my help – YOU CAN BEAT THE MARKET.

Just like these folks have:

  • “WOW, in just over two weeks, I’ve closed the day with greater than $12,000 in gains.” – Tom Gothsward from Nashville.
  • “My portfolio is up 157% since we bought 11 of your recommendations for ‘Internet of Things’ during the last part of November. Almost $10,000 in just over two months! UNBELIEVABLE!” – Diana J. from Pittsburgh.
  • “In 10 days, our account value went up $627,573. This, in combination with our short-term realized gains – which since following you are now over $1,000,000 – has changed our lives. – David Turner from Arizona.

You see, I am using the same tools I used when I ran a No. 1-ranked hedge fund to now help Main Street Americans make money.

To help you make money.

How do I do it?

Well … I’m going to show you right now.

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