Saudi Arabia shut down half of all oil production after its facilities were attacked in a brutal drone strike by Iran.

Oil prices have soared as high as 15% in the biggest move in nearly 30 years.

And this is just the start of what’s about to unfold…

The Guardian reports: “Drone Attack Causes Biggest Disruption Ever.”

MarketWatch reports: “An intensifying Middle East conflict is threatening to throw the world’s energy market into disarray.”

CNBC reports: “This incident will effectively wipe out the world’s spare capacity.”

Bottom line….

This attack makes American crude oil even more crucial to the world economy. 

And in this special video presentation, renowned geologist and oil field expert Matt Badiali reveals how an incredible new technology is about to unlock massive profits from an estimated 11.9 trillion barrels of untapped American oil.

According to Badiali’s research: “This new technology has the potential to cover America’s oil fields with ‘perpetual gushers’ … capable of extracting as much as 700% more oil than we ever could before … just as crude prices are skyrocketing.

He calls it “America’s infinite oil well” … and he feels it could unleash a $70 trillion windfall.

The time to act is now … before the next attack sends crude prices even higher.

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