The Republican Party is terrified…  

“Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud … he’s playing the members of the American public for suckers,” fumed Mitt Romney at an emotional rally.

Bloomberg didn’t mince words either, describing insiders as “repulsed, afraid and dismayed that their party could have let this happen.”

My opinion: The outbursts from the Republican establishment are shameful and downright scary.

Those up in arms are not concerned about America or our electoral system. They are only concerned about their own political careers.

And they should be concerned.

Most have failed to represent the very people who have voted them in office, and in order to stay in office, they have shamed the very principles our country was founded on.

Main Street Americans know this, and they are confident that Trump is the one person who is bold enough to make changes, and that his new leadership will ripple through Capitol Hill.

Now, I admit. I’m biased. I consider Donald Trump a friend.

My house is down the street from his Mar-a-Lago mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, which I have visited many times. We have spoken one-on-one about key presidential issues. (Disclaimer: I have been invited to shake hands and counsel the likes of former presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton — and I have had the good fortune to befriend and brush shoulders with George Bush Sr., Steve Forbes, Donald Trump, Margaret Thatcher, Sir Roger Douglas and even Boris Yeltsin.)

And one key issue I have discussed many times is in regard to a crisis that no candidate — Republican or Democrat — is willing to tackle … a crisis that is damning, yet is actually masked as a way of “fueling prosperity.”

However, our Founding Fathers called this crisis “a greater curse than any other,” if allowed to fester.

And fester it has.

Due to their negligence, this crisis is days away from unleashing an unstoppable economic collapse that will send the stock market down 80%, real estate down 50% and cause unemployment to triple.

I know that may sound extreme.

But please know that people doubted me when, in 1987, I predicted the coming collapse of the Soviet Union … when in 1989 I predicted the Japanese depression that struck just one year later … when I predicted the dot-com crash in 1999 and when I predicted the subprime mortgage crisis, along with the collapse of the real estate market, years in advance.

Trump has been made aware of this crisis.

After I last spoke with Trump, I put together a presentation that reveals exactly what this next crisis is, so that you too can prepare for what is about to happen.

My presentation uses 20 unquestionable charts, the government’s own data and direct quotes from former presidents to expose this crisis.

Indeed, the Republican Party is terrified.

But they are terrified for the wrong reasons.

They should be terrified for allowing this crisis to brew, and the aftermath that will strike the economic heart of Main Street America.

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God bless.