1. If you’re defending or explaining you’re losing, put another way, “the cowering dog is the one that gets kicked, the barking dog is left alone”.
  2. The goal of your statement is not to convince the “cancel culture” mob, they are only seeking your destruction, you will get nowhere negotiating with them.
  3. Your statement is designed to impact and encourage your clients and those well reasoned individuals who know in their heart this mob mentality isn’t right.

Approach to a Solution:

The idea behind the statement below is to reinforce the idea that a solution comes when people are taking action not chanting slogans or hunting down people and organizations who don’t comply with the narrative. The basic work of Banyan Hill is by nature focused on helping others succeed, empowering them to be their best and bringing hope and healing to their local community.

Proposed Statement:

Banyan Hill was shocked and grieved by the death of George Floyd, and stands committed to justice and equality. We oppose any attempt to divide, discriminate or abuse the God given rights of others. 

Our company was founded on the very values of equality and equal opportunity for all people, and our leadership and team work daily to fulfill those principles.

That is why we will continue to provide the best service possible to all of our customers, equip our team members to be leaders for unity and reconciliation, and continue to invest our time and resources in bringing solutions and hope to our neighborhoods and communities. 

We stand confident that empowering all Americans to find economic security will help bring equality of opportunity and be a small step in bringing lasting change and hope to our nation

Proposed Response to Potential Cancel Culture Mob Attack:

We believe that many voices and ideas contribute to real progress and creative solutions. When individuals or organizations are coerced into accepting one idea or action as the only solution then actual progress is stifled and true innovation is stifled.